How to distinguish principles from self-deception

Today we took a serious topic that is directly related to your courage, willpower and, above all, attitude. We will talk about the principles that no doubt adorn any man in that age, when from principles nothing left. It is enough to watch the evening news to understand that the principles suffer total defeat before the power of unprincipled hostility. However, we found a big problem in substitution of concepts, when answering one of the questions of our readers. We saw, often called an illusion that was injected into our brains by other people. This illusion makes not only the image but also the meaning of life. What’s worse is this shit prevents you to understand its essence and develop its own position (principle) for any question.Can you tell us not to trust, we’re not asking. On the other hand, if we’re willing to overlook a very important point that we will cease to respect themselves. So you are going to read about how to distinguish between principles (which can and needs to live) from the banal self-deception. I hope that this article will be useful for you.

Start with the basics — we want to understand each other? Any principle of life which you have adopted, should bring you profit, otherwise it lacks meaning. In other words, the principle of life — it is a filter that helps you make a quick decision regardless of the circumstances. But there are nuances. This decision should be consistent with reasonable early and internal attitude. The latter is particularly important because adherence to the principles radically different from passing Mercantile interests. A man with principles is an artist who is able to refuse a job because the customer is the representative of another political ideology. The principled artist is a starving artist, after all, to sell their work, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum all principles. It is true that you can observe, for example, the fate of the American writer HP Lovecraft, who did not take the fee for their work only because they thought that they will «lose face» if you will take money for editing others ‘ stories.

But we live in the real world, where such installations can completely destroy financial well-being. So we can divide the principles into two categories: constructive and destructive. The design principles are those attitudes that help you to grow, to be strong, to be better from a human point of view. For example, if you see how they beat a girl, you come, even if it’s scary. Why oneself for another person? A matter of principle that characterizes you as a person with a capital letter. Whatever the outcome of the fight, but at its end you will not have regrets, even if you get stabbed. You did the right thing, you acted like a hero. What is the use? Self-esteem, which will give you strength throughout life. And maybe someone you save. If you don’t do this, the self-respect you will lose, and this is a very valuable resource that fuels the meaning of life.Now imagine the destructive principles. From the title it is clear that they represent something restricts your freedom. Any restriction that you think you impose on myself is a lie. In fact your defense was a big hole where got so serious stuff has made you weaker.

Destructive principles is self-deception, which can be transformed into obsessive thoughts that will eat you up inside. For example, you refuse to have sex, believing that you have «principles». Actually you don’t, but there are obsessive thoughts, which have arisen not on an empty place, and the «generally accepted» opinion that is only an illusion. Your natural need became some sort of taboo that affects your attitude to women, to himself and his sexuality, and in General to all the world.

Even if we abstract from sex, we will see a similar situation in religion. We are not saying that the Bible is the bottom. This book has many interesting ideas even for the atheist, but for a religious man there’s a lot of food for thought. However, a few centuries ago the Bible was replaced every principle of right for the whole nation. Similarly, the ideology of communism sought to replace the personal principles of the USSR. Such ideas need to think for you — the only way they will retain their credibility. But you’re living in an era when you have all of the ability to think for himself. This means that you can follow your own principles, which are difficult to develop in 18-20 years, especially if you have not seen the world. So when we get some guy says he has a steel principles, we see in this small self-deception and inexperience.

And if you think even more and to turn to the experience of famous people, great people, once you begin to understand that these principles cannot be static, as paradoxical as it may sound. The fact that any credo is subject to significant changes if the person truly wants to live not by lies, and conscience. Over time any normal person to change the looks, the attitude, even when the inner core remains the same. It is normal that in your youth you thought so, and maturity.

This means that your identity is not static, and therefore can not drive themselves into the framework of doctrines, which have nothing to do with this lifestyle.People often face lack of understanding of the dangers of dogma — rules that cannot be broken.» The problem is that dogma has long moved away from religion. They become much more dangerous, because now the dogma is a part of the sexual, social and cultural life. Different lists of «courage» they take pride of place. In the end, it is not for you to decide what rules you live and the rules drawn up by other people. But life does not work — there is no right way and universal principle of life. You have to produce it, and thus you must be very honest to himself. Honesty is an important factor in the formation of their own beliefs. Why? Because beliefs should be formed despite the fears. Unfortunately, it often happens otherwise.

For example, you have social anxiety, and you articulate this fear of communication its own «principle of life», which actually is not, he just is a flap from the real world and problems. You can assume that «party — for the cattle» — this is technically a belief, but it’s only one fear, so the belief there is nothing left. If your beliefs feed on fear, then to hell with such beliefs — they don’t deserve respect, they don’t make you a man, they just ruin life.

But not only fear that makes you turn away from your own understanding of life. There is also a copy of the behavior, which may acquire monstrous forms if you are a man of weak will power. Great value in this is played by your surroundings, parents and even staff (although to a lesser degree). Bad, if you think normal is just what you see around you. Drugs from this confusion a little travelling, books, communication.

Travel help you to expand ideas about the world — they will lead you to the realization that not happen on this planet anything real. Books will help you to choose the scenario that you consider most appropriate for your life. The more you read, the more you realize that life is hell, not divided into black and white. Communication will help you to go beyond the inner circle which has a serious impact on you if you copy his behavior.You must not think that we want to impose you my point of view. We’re just sharing with you my views that we think will help you a little to simplify the already complicated life. Around us we constantly see crazy people who ruin their lives just because I think this is correct. That said, there is evidence that they are decided so they «helped». You are a man, not a stupid fish that first bite of a brilliant bait of «right rules with the right person». If you have principles, that’s fine. But to ensure that they are yours, nothing to live someone else’s life.

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