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Recently the fitness industry has shown itself as a quite profitable industry of a healthy lifestyle. People who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass, faced with a huge number of all sorts of dietary Supplements, and also techniques for weight loss techniques strength training and other-other things. How to separate the wheat from the chaff? How to understand that stuff, but what really works?

Why do we believe in all sorts of illogical garbage

Here we say that a smart man never in my life would not take homeopathic remedies or there are all sorts of water charged on the disk. But this is not always the case. My sister, not the stupid man that works at a high position, believes in homeopathy, as well as my mother, who is an engineer-Metallurgist and worked his entire life in the profession. Belief or disbelief in something is not only from the point of view of logic, but also taking into account additional factors. So-called smart people often do not know how to resist pressure from the other side: peers, relatives, parents, acquaintances and friends. They are more likely to take their words on faith, guided by the belief that if close people doing something, it can’t be bad or illogical. There is always a logical side, it’s just that we don’t always see, so consider «smart people». But the mind would be nice to mix with wisdom and common sense. Do not forget the effect of joining to the majority, which frankly makes pleasure to the soul of the man who was to practice paleo, crossfit or a diet low in carbohydrates.

1. No need to fix what isn’t broken

No need to constantly optimize, improve interaction with other factors or to maximize the result. If you have a program that works, diet that makes you happy and healthy, why this bother? Why turn fitness and healthy eating in the cult for years to eat boiled beef, coregrid and buckwheat every day to give trenirovkam if the result is already there, and changing your lifestyle it doesn’t get better? If you achieved power, good coordination and beautiful terrain, then continue to torture yourself even more complex training makes no sense — just keep yourself in shape. You grow wings, you can’t jump over your head! Don’t turn this into a cult and remember the obsessive-compulsive.

2. Develop for exercise Zen thinking

You’re always trying to do everything 100 percent? To get the highest score in the school, is to do the job? No? Well, then at the gym it makes no sense. The best is the enemy of good, and rocking it makes sense. Exercise and diet should be your joy and bring results, not to burden you. Of course, you have to adapt, but to understand that perfection you will not reach because of the characteristics of the organism or because something goes wrong.

3. Become a person with critical thinking

In order to get you deceived, it is vital to become a person with critical thinking and questioning. Here I will give an example from life. Recently on cinema screens released film «world War Z» with brad pitt. Relative to other movies about zombies very good movie, but people with critical thinking can put many of its elements into question. For example, the fact that Israel is for salvation from the zombies built a giant wall, essentially closing yourself in a small place away from the zombies that can get to them and eat them in a small room. Zombies can be destroyed in a drone strike. The zombies themselves especially to spread could not: they could not survive without food and would be unable to spread across the planet, because they are quite passive.

So we discussed the movie with critical thinking. You can, of course, to say that this film does not need to be subjected to critical analysis because it’s not «Citizen Kane», but simply a zombie film. But a critical mind should always work!

Remember that bold statements about the benefits of a sport or technique of exercise can have sense only in the case when they have proof. If the evidence is bullshit, you can’t trust them.

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