How to dispel the boredom

«I chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boring.» G. LepsveridzeIn his time fallen angel Russian blogging Ivan Gamaz recommended that the most ingenious tips from boredom, such as: lick a Desk, typing on the keyboard with their feet, smoke a MIC, warm hand in lamp, lie upside down and more efficiently – knocking my head against the wall. But time goes, and Vanino tips also gradually began to fill the mouth. And classic recommendations like «read a book, listen to music, watch a movie, clean up the mess» doesn’t really help (of course, if you’re doing this every day). Therefore, the editors recommends you new solutions. Although the best way to cure boredom is to do something useful, for example, to work.

1. Make your Hell’s kitchen

Look in your empty as Chernobyl wasteland, refrigerator, realize that, in addition to the bulbs, banks bulls in tomato sauce and a couple of eggs, nothing left, get the ingredients and try to cook them something to eat. First, it is incredibly exciting, and secondly, there is a chance to see how you adapted very well the severe crisis. And thirdly, food will never be over. At the same time their self-esteem will rise.

If you prepared the «dish» would be completely inedible and will cause, in addition to interest, terrible indigestion, do not hurry to get upset. With food poisoning you definitely will not be bored.

2. Nanny

I know I never let you get bored? Responsibility for something living! Whether it’s a Tamagotchi, a full-scale child or pet. Flowers don’t count, they are boring as career of Alexander Pankratov-Black (if you can call it a career).

Take, for example, a human baby. Child, and another mother – it’s so fun. To ensure that it didn’t hurt, got hurt, ate all the food that he prepared (which is actually an impossible task), the task is daunting, requiring much effort and nerves. Definitely not bored. The only sense a big hairy «BUT»: to solve such problems, you’ll have a day, 7 days a week, despite being boring to you or not. So stopi contraceptives. Also, incidentally, the option to occupy yourself.

3. Sherlock Holmes

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_CNRJHvgStcoT8Nothing takes the brain as an attempt to reveal global and universal conspiracy. The more you try to understand the tragedy of the Dyatlov Pass and Masonic conspiracies, the more busy your brain. And then without the constant search for world conspiracies and decrypt ancient secrets you can’t live. Of course, it is not only interesting but also useful. Become smarter, and doing nothing. There is nothing more fun than trying to expose Big Brother.

4. Learn the language

«Hi, mdudu chafu! Kutupa derbmo nje ya kichwa optimizer pro! Muda kujifunza Kiswahili!» And to translate this phrase, you should learn Swahili. The perfect language for those who are struggling with boredom. And indeed the study of language – it is incredibly useful. So, requires considerable effort, it is necessary to strain gyrus. But we’re looking for the perfect way to fight the boredom. Besides, I’ve never met in their life, which in some extent would knowledge of a foreign language.

5. Imagination

Think about the fact that it is very difficult to imagine. Lie down on the couch, don’t worry about it and try to come up with a new color! Difficult? Very! But it will take you a long time. Maybe a lifetime, if you’re ahead of time will not freak out. The more you freak out, trying to imagine what it looks like the end of the Universe. Just be careful, and then stalling, and together with his boiling brain, and research will be in the yellow house, in the house with other «great thinkers».

6. Play Posner

Pora was.kom.ua_22.04.2015_GteIE50endnjiIn that moment, when it becomes unbearably boring, would be nice to remember that you are not alone, for, except you, sitting in a room I’m yours. No, I’m not suggesting schizophrenia. I mean such a great idea, as the interview itself. Really a very useful thing, makes you look at yourself from a different angle, to think about his life and just puts brains into place. And yet it is so interesting and not easy to be honest with yourself.

7. Communication

Porpoise with my lady. And seriously, with the tantrums. Become the initiator of the break, insult her, humiliate her to hate you and get to the point – has removed you from friends in CS, your friends and erased your number. And then try to come up with a reason that you should come together and find a way to beg for her forgiveness. Saying it’s impossible, but we believe in you.

By the way, if there is no girl, this way you can practice with your friends, but we do not recommend. In the end, they can just for the cause of fighting you.

But seriously, when there is free time with nothing to do, try to restore or establish a relationship with people that haven’t talked, or fought. Unless, of course, it’s not a complete asshole who betrayed you once betrayed once, will betray a second). And, in the end, friendship is a valuable thing to throw them. Extra people does not happen, and if good people don’t have to deal with them is highly recommended. Don’t be shy to write first. And if the person is boring, you’ll come up with something to end the conversation.

8. Implement plans and dreams

What the best and the best way to occupy yourself in moments of idleness. Decided to sell my mother’s gold – run! Planning to make my bed killer robot – it’s time! I have long wanted to put in the garden traps from the boys next door, povedeshsya your apricots, now or never! In the end, if boredom becomes you completely and began to intervene in the usual lifestyle, to make repairs, which in any way hands did not reach. Don’t put off for later, especially since I still have nothing to do. Don’t need excuses like «I’m in no mood», it is unlikely to emerge. You know, don’t do it now – I’d never do, because then just do not be enough time.

9. Pioneer Boy Scout

Do good to others for the good. So so beautiful thank you. Translate grandmother across the street, build a birdhouse, donated money to charity. And you feel good, and people are pleased.

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