How to disarm bitch

BitchMet a bitch on a narrow path even the most avid man can get lost because he’s to shit not used. Even veterans of communicating with women these women can confuse their unexpected, unfounded and unrelenting attacks to defeat. They each see a potential enemy. Can bitch and not guilty of the matter in the upbringing and negative life experiences. Maybe it’s the culture of American films convinces the girls behave like disgusting – it’s cool. The most dangerous individuals, as a rule, live in an urban environment, cuckoos close to clubs and bars, as well as spreading the range of their habitat in an office building. Bitches are completely different shapes and sizes, but meeting with them is always fraught. Following these simple tips, you can get away with it. Sometimes it’s even a matter of life and life behind bars.

Ignore her

Do you own business, not bothering anyone, when suddenly out of nowhere appears some bitch and starts to argue with you out of nowhere. If she begins to talk, but to shout and insult you fall, don’t fall for it. Remember, what worked before in the field of view, and continue the work. Remember that the Troll feed is not necessary? So, bitch is not necessary to feed twice! Any attention in their direction under any circumstances! You will protect yourself and will drain her, and eventually she will switch to someone else. Go from the battlefield in confidence. Don’t run, otherwise it will include its hunting instinct and it will start chasing you. Of course, to catch up with you, she can not, and will not agree to this, but the bitch has another weapon – the voice of the harpy, which is reflected from the walls and calls on the Sabbath other bitches and sexually frustrated dudes to join the massacre of you. And then no one can save you.

If somewhere in the neighborhood grazing its a male, go on to ignore her completely and get better to help her man. Usually it happens like this: once a man allows his girlfriend to bristle at the other man and did not intervene, most of all, he’s an asshole. Politely and respectfully ask him to curb that woman. You have to make it clear: it is a shame on the head, because he is responsible for two of them. In case of your success man tell this lady to shut up, and this will infuriate her even more. It will, however, devote their rage already in him, and that you, fortunately, does not apply.

Some bitches without Cavaliers aggressively pursue you. Remember that your strategy is to get out of the situation, while her goal is to get you to stay in the current position as long as possible.

Don’t talk to her like a man

Hard to resist, because bitches, for some strange reason I’ve been trying to walk like men, talk like men, look like men and behave like men. It’s a sham, behind which the usual bitchy essence: a woman-has not man, and it functions quite differently. She will climb on your face, to tease, to ignore personal space and all the potential threats and dangers. If you start to argue with her, you’ll be busy pozyskiwanie arguments, while it will successfully undermine your emotions and trample on the feelings. For this reason, it is impossible to apply the tactics based on the logic: to this insensitive bitch. In other words, don’t even try to argue.

Do not attempt to look her directly in the eyes to put her off, as is usually the case with men. She just expects you to give her at least a drop of attention. Never condescend to her: bitch interpreterpath it as a sign of authority and will double the intensity of your attacks. Look or on top of it or slightly to the side from her.


Our most important principle is to stay calm and not lose control. Don’t start to be angry to hysteria to the bitch or God forbid, her want. She will do everything to continue this moment and mold it into a drama. To remain neutral and emotional alienation, repeat to yourself that it’s not her fault, but the fault of her man or the father and mother, that it turned out so shitty and now I release it to roam the streets unattended.

Leave the premises as soon as possible and say as little as possible. No matter what you say – the main thing is not to obey her. Don’t tell her, and her. Just speak in her direction, as if around her there are other people and they are your audience, sometimes focusyou look somewhere near her, but not her. Turn away, show disinterest. Better not to offend her, because then she’ll play the victim and go in search of justice, calling on the witnesses to everyone. If not restrained and insulted, don’t show any emotions, just the facts. You can say something like «Good cow», walking past her towards the exit. Even if she’s not fat, she starts to feel insecure and glances in the mirror suddenly looks bloated?

Give her orders

If this bitch wants to keep up with you and makes it very difficult, need a creative approach. Remember: some of them haven’t completely alienated. Maybe she doesn’t have enough men, nor the man who showed toughness and initiative – and that’s why she’s such a bitch. She may not be able to overcome your natural instinct to obey, and therefore spiteful.

You on the hand! Be strong, domineering, do not be afraid. Does not require confidently say: «Shut up» or «get in the car», or «Close the door». Even if in the context of the situation it makes little sense, it might bring her to the ground.


There is nothing worse than to be alone with a bitch not to have the slightest possibility of escape. For example, she stood in the aisle blocking your way to retreat. In General, there are moments when nowhere to retreat. If she continues to rage and insists on talking to you, while you have exhausted all possible methods of neutralization, it most likely means she likes you and this is such a cute way to tell you about it.

Spanking is not acceptable in society, you need to look for other methods. Remember the movie scene where the man grabs the woman’s cheeks and tells her to shut up, but it is beyond my comprehension. No physical impacts. I would suggest to pull out the headphones and start the music.


To avoid the bitch is impossible, however, you can minimize the negative impact, if the right to handle them and be able to reflect their attack. Note: most of the advice is applicable for wife or girlfriend if you weren’t lucky. Remember: you can explain to her what is wrong, and show you how you should be treated. Otherwise, she will remain a bitch.

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