How to dig yourself correctly and without a chick suffering

No need to complicate my life, man. Often, it’s pretty simple, as said Karlin: «Wake Up, get dressed, go to work, take one good shit and go to bed.» And that’s all. Of course, when we take a good shit, we are aware that are not what girl does not love us, work is not respected, and we read so little that any graduate of Philology would laugh at our modest list of books read. If in your head there were these unexpected thoughts you have every chance of making it painful procedure, which is called reflection. This is an extremely useful exercise that will help you understand what you’re doing wrong and how to get rid of all the problems that you yourself think. Reflection will help you to find the strength to leave a woman that you got the job makes you sick, and habits that make you m*duck in the eyes of the progressive community. Reflection from the harmful procedure called introspection, characterized in that, doing the soul-searching, you don’t look at your whole life and every aspect of it from a different angle. Instead, you take a topic, look at it from all sides, I think, and it turns into your obsession.

Today I will teach you how to reflect, because for a mentally healthy life is fucking important.

1. Determine what is most important to you

Many people make up their own system of values, focusing on the views of the environment, the family and the spirit of the time. All these factors tell a person that he needs to find a job, create a family, make children, die of old age surrounded by grandchildren. Unconventional subcultures tell a man to be free; to love freely and not be jealous when your woman fucking someone else; to protest; not to have children and whatnot. It’s two different views on life, you can take the views of the environment, and can not take it. But which is better? It is best to develop your own system of values that will be personally yours will not cause your soul is so strong discomfort. Who doesn’t like the idea of having children, get married, a lifetime to sleep with a woman, but he still does it, because it is not accepted.

2. To eliminate as many complicating factors

Negative people, outright negativity in the world there are many things you can send in a certain direction to vacuum the vast snowy steppe. We know there is a good article.

3. Fuck what can’t be

We love to think about what could be in our lives. «If she then has not changed, we’d still be together», «If then I wouldn’t have drunk a bottle of port in one mug before the exam, I would be expelled». It can’t be, because it’s already happened! The time machine is not invented and is unlikely to be invented, because the nature of time is original and not solved. Possible time at all. By the way, I remember that was one fantastic story about time travelers who went on millions of years ago and crushed a butterfly, which led to the absence of the human race in the future? But I got carried away, forget it, in short!

4. Stop trying to blame yourself for something you couldn’t learn, although desperately working on it

In reflection there is a lot of useful things, which include the ability to look at a particular situation from a different angle. You can be surprised to find that your friend pumped up much faster than you, though he allows himself too much, eats like a fish, skip a workout, but still, bitch looks better than you. And you’re trying, you is not something that a lot of sweating goes, but all twelve. The problem may be in body type, genetics, the wrong program and many more. But no need to berate yourself for it. You can always try to optimize the process, improve it, come up with something new. Well, look at it this way, and you’ll know what progress you are still there, only it is not necessary to compare with others, just need to do!

5. Disregard what everyone thinks and wants from you

During the reflection at the main toilet, you must realize that the entire contents of your skull did not belong to you. It is not your thoughts, not your aspirations, your fears, and the influence from the outside. Now I’m going to say is a seditious thing, but if your aspirations are really coincide with what you are trying to impose on your family, you get a huge bonus to the quality of execution of a particular topic. If you have the support of people who think that affect you, you really all starts to go bad.

But there is a downside: if what you want from life, is a result of alien influence, and so tricky that you can’t even see it without a piece of reflection, you will be bad. Unrealized ambitions, which are each living person will get out of all the cracks of your subconscious mind, how runs away the mess from the pan. You start to stress, neurosis, you start to realize that the life you absolutely do not like, you occupy yourself with stuff. The most important thing: you will never be able to feel that great pleasure of the process, which is considered «happiness» (which, incidentally, does not happen).

6. Force yourself to stop dwelling, to complain and worry

There are many things that make us nervous. The average person is constantly on something fixated: nervous about work, relationships, family and so on. There are many things that you can control, but most things in the world are out of your control. Besides, if you fully control the members of his family, surroundings and private life that will not be enough time, and something you’ll never be able to fully control it. So don’t be stupid, man!

Don’t ever complain about sitting on the toilet, promise everything, you’ll never complain about life. One useless complaint you say without thinking, will turn you into a loathsome creature! Men do not complain, it is solely the woman’s prerogative, you need to draw to the person attention. Men do it differently. Prelexical and firmly convince yourself that you will never complain. Somewhere deep inside you a couple of times to complain to myself, but never say the complaint out loud.

And anxiety… If you think with your head and analyze every problem, anxiety will go away by itself, and in its place will come the determination and slight excitement.

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