How to develop your business not having the funds

For the sake businessmen are not born, they become. But how do people manage to minimize their costs of opening and development of the business? Almost every person in their right mind wants to work for themselves, however this was not a good boss. This desire is commendable, because it will make you independent and self reliant. But people often break down, go into debt and give the last that they have. It is not always possible to calculate what can go wrong with your business. Many things just don’t depend on you – we are all subject to the whims of the market, but there are some healthy guidelines that will protect you from meaningless and erroneous decisions. Read carefully and remember, maybe they will help you in your endeavors.

1. Step by step

There is such an American idiom that sounds like «step by step», which means «to have to start small». This is very often forgotten by novice entrepreneurs. A simple example is our friend who took out a loan to open a bar in a fairly large city in the country. He hired the best bartender in the region, and installed a rather expensive sound equipment. Together with the bar he purchased a hotel and an office, which had to deal. In the end, bankrupt. No office, of the hotel too and the bar barely goes to zero, although known bars is a very profitable business at all times. Well, the main error of this man lies in the fact that it started too abruptly and didn’t really follow what’s going on in his bar, living in his office.

If you open such business and any other, you must learn all from the inside. Let’s say you want to open a bookstore – believe me, it would be better if the first time you yourself are going to trade at this store books and understand the whole mystery of the book business. Only in this case, you will be able to clearly imagine, what employees you hire, what kind of publishing deal and how to enhance you are there. Don’t try to find investors for your business, it’s a good start and your own means and ingenuity. Start small and step by step expand. More correct ways nobody will show. Of course, you can continue to believe in fairy tales about that a couple of years to become a billionaire, but such a fate – 1 in a million, is almost incredible. Everything is achieved through hard work.

2. Advertising

Money is never enough. And that our country is so productive is that? If you have no experience in this matter is that you can make a lot of mistakes. For example, take a package of services to some advertising firm at a cost of 50 thousand rubles monthly for a banal spam for years, or order a banner that exceeds its real cost in tens times. Of course, you need to trust the professionals, and in the regions there is a very big problem when the customer just doesn’t understand the essence of effective advertising. But it is necessary to understand.

Not to spend money in vain humanity has given entrepreneurs one of the best engines of Commerce in the entire history of the Internet. So, will need your originality, beginning to be able to use the Internet for their own benefit. Blogs, websites, public pages in the can say, free. Feedback and implementation in the media space cannot be underestimated. Of course, before working in this area should examine in greater detail the construction of the submission of commercial offers in the networks. It should not be Intrusive, it should be interesting even without the product. Look at KFC official group in VK. Unless this company is making boring content? Unless they have bad feedback? The Colonel will answer any questions the visitor – and we see the result. Or look at fashion among the intellectuals of the bookstore «Falanster» – their work with the client on the Internet, as it seems, doing very much for their Finance. Don’t be afraid of angry comments, not three. Many entrepreneurs point out that people who have a negative attitude to your project, you can grow most loyal spokesmen of your business. For this you need to find out the cause of their discontent, fix it and tell that it is resolved. Thus, the dissatisfied customer will assume that affect the whole enterprise, that his opinion was decisive, important that respect for customers in your firm is. In General, forget about the traditional forms of advertising – for the budding entrepreneur there is nothing better than advertising on the Internet.

3. Know what your business is

Many people think that the entrepreneur is not obliged to think about the problems of their subordinates. So. Bad businessman whose purse shrinks and shrinks, think about it don’t have to. But successful needs to understand what his employees face while working, what difficulties they encounter in the working process, what distracts them, what hinders and what, on the contrary, like. If you are the owner of the forge, you have to know about crafting all and know, perhaps better than your most capable employees. So you will avoid not only fraud on the part of employees, but also be able to find a solution in order to minimize costs without loss of quality.

For example, in brewing water, to cool the hot wort and bring it to the desired temperature. Many brewers poured this water, considering it a waste and unnecessary. Although it would be much better to use it for washing equipment, thereby reducing substantial costs of the water. That’s what the optimization of the technical process, and little things like that can not know if not to delve head first into the area you want to do.

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