How to develop taste in music

What is the taste in music

And what exactly has a taste for music? Most educated people a real taste considers classics, but few people listen.

The taste is as man accepts it. But it is not about to listen to 10 times of the group Procol Harum, just to tired to agree that it is not for nothing loved in England 60s. it’s about the fact that there is good and bad music. Someone will say that listening to popular music the mass consumption is a normal component of human socialization. However, for a moment, the music only listens to part of society. Another enthusiastically criticize. And then what? Who is right and who is wrong? Rights are not the one who does not pursue a fashion, and no one who listens exclusively snobbish Jordan funk, just because nobody knows him. The rights of the one who loves a good tune regardless of opinions and differences for the sake of the one who finds interesting, good music. Can sadism and for fun listen to «Sibirskiy masturbator» in the end, there’s a brilliant text, but to focus only on him is to be 50-year-old homosexual, does not recognize anything except the group «Arrows», or a monster, which claims that all the slag, but abusive songs Cord (nematinae in good faith scroll).

Someone foolish to assume that this article we will focus on the preference of the author. However, all fundamentally wrong.

Why you need a musical taste

Someone will ask: why music taste? At least in order to broaden their horizons. Listening to music, which was not clear, it is great to expand the horizons. When many of us Pink Floyd seemed ugly dark band. But at a certain point the heart has gasped, and widened horizons.

And secondly, only people with taste in music has the right to criticize and pull apart the shelves of the performers. Being able to compare, you can skillfully recognize from the pile of music shit and which became dirty from a bad neighborhood gems. Yes, it is a necessary condition for someone who wants to become a music critic, but trust me, most music critics taste awful and terrible complexes that interfere with normal work.

Where to start

First of all, in order to develop the taste, I listen many songs of different genres, even what seems absurd and strange, even if the name scares you Tariverdiev and the presence of three letters «x» in the word!!. After all, you need to listen more than one song. Frankly, not all Queen songs are good. Moreover, reveal a terrible secret: most of the songs from the album, written in the 70s, better, more interesting, even funnier vsevelikoe pop of the 80s. in Fact, you can’t judge a musician on two or three hits. Unfortunately, behind them the wormhole. Sorry, Egor Krid. In the end, listening to piles of works, will definitely find something that will affect delicate strings of gentle souls.

Down with prejudice

The main thing that prevents the proper perception of the new material – bias. Don’t listen to Her Gees only because they sang in falsetto and danced in tight pants. A little help: in addition to «Stayin Alive» and «How Deep is Your Love», the collective many beautiful songs. By the way, even these «shameful» songs, if we discard the husks, still sound better than most modern pop music, because these three brothers (not gay, everyone was family) stunning vocals, they can sing a Capella as no song, no soul singer of our time. And if you listen to something in addition to these hits, you may find that guys knew a lot about the brutal arrangement, and not always broke on a falsetto. They knew what rock.

Music can not become out of date

If your grandmother likes of Oleg mitiaeva, this does not mean that Oleg Mityaev – by date of music for the elderly, maybe they understand something of his texts, completely unmusical, but too life and on even deeper. In General, to reject music just because she «dated» – a sign of the moral misery of man. Hanging the label of «old lane», you accept the axiom of self-adaptability, hinting at your lack of any views, and hence the identity of the pathetic. The desire of musical fashion and modernity, listening only to the fact that the trend leads to cancer of the testicles, boring, old age, and contempt from others. You need to know modern music, but to focus only on her sin.

Listen to the words

By the way, about poetry. Poetry is an important component of the song, Yan song, bottom of the hood screamed of a musical composition. Sometimes in the text – the main idea of the piece, and therefore have a lot to listen to. With instrumental music all the way, Paco De Lucia could not to focus on what is not.

Here, it would seem that we have come close to justify Russian rap, because even there are a lot of gems. Just need to be able to notice them behind a bunch of meaningless recitative about patascoy life, bitch and fingers in your mouth.

There is one good example. Rather, an example of a kind, from a human point of view, but we don’t care about her. Look at the musician. His name is Zakhar May, beloved by generations, why let everyone try to solve it. So, Mr. May loved to sing the songs of the singer Maksim. This big, bald, drunken, toothless uncle, and Maksim with her polysilane songs for girls. In fact, a very wise song of Soviet times «Everything resembles you» modern mass reported it. And in fact, in the song «Let go» of the same singer with a male name ringtone – vacuum new wave, who and Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins will gladly sing along.

Don’t wait for new music is nothing new

This is the main rule. Not necessarily Irish folk music should take you back to the land of the elves, and the Doors will give you pseudology parish. Do not compare your feelings with what «should be.» Sometimes the affection for the song being hatched for weeks, and over time, you are surprised to understand that in my head as the bullet lodged altogether unexpected composition by Evgeny Margulis and Chizh «Refining» or the pulsating bit of Mr Oizo.

Classic – our all

Well, now the burning question: we need to listen to classical music? Mandatory, especially to those who consider stupid pop music a vital link between loved ones and society. Humanity wouldn’t advise any slag. Classic need to listen at least to harmony, still such emotions as it will give even the fierce old-school rave in the backyard smelling of gasoline and soot of the cities. Classic is called classic for a reason, it is necessary to know, to hear, to analyze, to consider themselves even slightly versed in music man. Make your own evaluation of the accumulated years of creativity, and then you’re 80% closer to the development of musical taste. Listen to rock, hip-hop, classics, actually, it is better to begin the educational program. «The top 100 electronic albums, 100 greatest pieces of classical music», «500 best albums by Rolling Stone version» and other swarms information to help you. If you don’t trust them, write the authors we will be happy to write out what, how and why, at any time of the day.

If music does not like it, you don’t have to start to love her

Quite simply, much harder than doing the famous passes in the groin area. Mind you, if the music don’t like, you don’t have to start to love her, you should form your opinion after listening to the seam and is not very suitable music. You will have your stereotypes about «normal» melody, you’re not going anywhere, but you should try them aside. Look at the track listing of the Guf and Basta tearful glance Hachiko (you don’t, you soon will), immerse yourself in a new library with a clean conscience and draw conclusions. Do not get hung up on funny songs IDA. That’s when you form an opinion about music of different genres when you are listening to is not widely used hits that sound out of the stalls with Shawarma, then you’ll have good taste in music, well, when you will cease to say that the song «the Name of my favorite» better than Bach, Noskov and «Mumiy Troll».

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