How to determine what your friends don’t like HER


You think you’ve hit the big time and managed to get the gold and not the girl. But most of your close friends believe that it is a high bronze. Perhaps they’re not as obsessed with it as you. And maybe they don’t like it for some objective reasons? When you’re with your friends, everything goes as usual, but it is necessary to have in your company is your passion, you know that something has changed. In the air and hovering for some unpleasant tension. But worst of all, when someone of your friends is seriously going to go on seeing your lady.

They say that love is blind, and this is true. Once the love settles in your heart, you seemingly cease to adequately assess the reality and the object of your ardent adoration. But your friends appreciate the reality adequately, because it is not under the influence of love. Who can easily cast away all the doubts, if not your friends?

Women believe that the guys chauvinist pigs in the relationship. This is partly true in that if one bro sees that his bro his girlfriend is without need of love in the time as he genuinely in love with her, he would have to tell him about it. Because no one, I’ll say it again, nobody wants to see next to your close friends psycho bitch who pulls out all the juice and money. In some ways, it’s male solidarity. I assure you that in 80 percent of cases nobody wants to take your girlfriend, and no one is jealous of your happiness. Perhaps envy, but envy in the spirit of «And me!» Often a clear hint from your friends means that something goes wrong in your relationship.

Your friends

If in the company of your friends your current passion will begin to flirt with other men, you with probability of 99% you’ll be sure that she is talking politely with friends. If you’re not jealous to any male creature, of course. But your friends can tell you that something is wrong.

During another drinking bout, which will not be your friend, ask them frankly what’s wrong. Why does this friend need to send to dismissal? Why is it not right for you. Think your friends will give you properly. They can tell you that she treats you with no respect that she’s with you, no common interests that it is boring and just not worthy of you. You do not see this, you look at her radiant eyes and can’t see the whole situation. But the friends on the friends that they can help you.

But how to determine that your friends don’t like it frankly, because they don’t tell you not to offend?

1. They find the most ridiculous excuses to not come there where I can get it

To the extent that on Friday night they will wash head.

2. They can’t come to the party on important holidays

You have a birthday? Your friend throws you a party for the New year? But suddenly it turns out that it comes from the strength of a few people, and most of her friends.

3. They can tell you about her «Bitch»

Not behind your back, and right in front of you. It shows only that or those friends you’re not friends, or your friend REALLY doesn’t suit you. If you strongly hinted that in case of extinction of all mankind and the need to continue the human race provided that the world were only your friend and only your girlfriend, they would doom the human race to destruction, there definitely is something wrong.

4. They always find a reason to criticize her

She has a big nose, she said something stupid. It is thick, it is boorish, it does not smell great. But I’m exaggerating. The real situation is that everyone is your friend trying hard to pin, putting its shortcomings. In an open confrontation is not transferred, but to understand where the border between a kind joke and a vicious bit it’s hard. Then it goes into poisonous jokes that come with two sides.

5. They say when it inconvenient things that you expect never to remember

Someone will say that you had a Threesome in University. Then, for example, that you pissed on the wheel of his teacher of higher mathematics in a terrible drunk. Or many more such things that put you in a bad light.

6. Now she has a nasty nickname or lenient naming

Kati instead they will use something like «Katyusha», pronouncing it with obvious sarcasm. It seems to be an understatement, but it is written so that the true attitude of your friends is obvious.

7. Whenever she says something, one of your friends rolls her eyes and creepy smiles

Every word that sounds out of her mouth is equivalent to performances of some freak in the circus. Like he was waiting, but only frown in disgust. No one hesitates actively argue and show that it is not right. Often this starts as a complete surprise to you. Everything seems fine, but her condescending styled «Ira» as if adding «that it take», but on every word she said, laughing, all and Sundry. Suddenly she really that stupid?

8. They have less contact with you

Someone probably told you she’s not for you, but you didn’t listen to them. Now they have decided to leave you and strongly diverging. They still remain?

As if that was not insulting, people whom you know long enough are more robust and credible relationship than a relationship with a girl. If almost all of your close friends with whom you went through fire and water you say that it doesn’t suit you, is to REALLY think about. After all, they may be right?

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