How to determine what the girl passionately wants to get married

Now imagine that you found an amazing girl that satisfies everyone seems to be your excessive requirements. But you feel that something is not right here, you may want to cheat.

Women in General society has a lot more pressure than us men. Im talking from childhood that need to find a good husband and bear him children. Career, personal ambitions is optional. Marriage is very important. Of course, there are enough women who don’t want to get married and have children, but even they are under pressure from society and their girlfriends that are going to have a second, are you going to find a man for reproduction. Some women set themselves the goal as soon as possible to give birth and to marry before a certain time. Many of bro not really worried when they «counter» is approaching the figure of 30. But girls like the chain break to this figure. And you don’t want to get married, maybe meet, maybe even live together. But she doesn’t. will tell you how to quickly identify the one that really wants to get married.

1. After a successful first date she wants at least two in the next week

Alarm bell. No waiting. Some girls want you to twist at least a week, well, they have business for the next evening. But this girl wants to know you better as fast as possible. If you don’t plan a date with her in the next couple of days, she will do it for you. Perhaps the lady would be too Intrusive, but it is also possible to understand that she really wants to get married, and if you’re not right for her, she will look for someone else. She has everything planned out, women who too much want to get married, remind these evil geniuses. If someone tells you, man, why you didn’t see that she’s actually a hunter? But because, man that they are perfectly hiding and the play, as actors in any Theater.

2. When she first sees your apartment, she inadvertently observes that «there is not enough women’s hands»

I never understood what it means «not enough woman». Among my friends there are a couple of meticulous, which houses all laid out on shelves and dust not to find. For example, my good friend Dylan, who lives a whole menagerie of rats, Madagascan cockroaches, giant snails, hamsters, ferrets and chinchillas, for whom he was watching. And he clean. And some stuff around the house apart type figurines pictures and toys.

You may find that she said it in passing, maybe she’s teasing you. But if you look at it through the prism of a love interest, you will understand that it is already assessing where to put their trinkets and cosmetics. She already knows what colors to paint the walls what furniture to buy. And yet she is generous and will leave Xbox and your little bar in the same place that it was.

3. The condom test

At first everything is fine. It’s probably not going to happen. You like smart people, sleep with protection in the form of a rubber product number 1. But after a few weeks she suddenly starts to deny it. Not worth it fun ugukat shouting «Down with the opposing gum.» In practice, this means that she completely trusts you and just wants to play Russian roulette, where the head is her uterus, and the gun is your penis. In fact, she doesn’t need to take risks, perhaps she is ready mentally. But still keep your pistol away from her when he suddenly wants to shoot.

4. She says she already told my mom about you

In the first month of Dating. Traditionally, the mother is unaware of the young man at least 4-6 weeks. At all. Any questions about the personal life of a normal girl who asks her mom, can be reduced to either «Nobody» or «Nothing serious». But here your life can tell in a week. So you get into a moral trap. If a girl can throw, then throw the girl and her mother much more difficult. I think that girls already scheduled to meet the parents. In the coming months. What do you think? Strike while the iron is hot.

5. Ultimatum

Remember that it’s a blitzkrieg! The rate for girls is essential. She did not expect. It has a time limit for the «exclusive» talk, as a rule, three weeks — no more, no matter how many times you actually saw each other. Of course we like when we are led by the nose long conversations over life, and once you get to hold her tit. Usually 4-6 weeks is enough to understand what you want from her a relationship or not. If you are together long enough, and you’ll completely ignore all her hints at a serious relationship, it is likely you will tear. But this is an option for those who knows what he wants. Perhaps you need to talk to her about it. This article will help you.

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