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Hi, Allow yourself to dilute the stream of questions «what to do next?» and «who is guilty?» everyday, but I have not bothering me question.

I never complained about the curvature of the hands and, despite a sedentary job at a computer, never shun housework, quite the contrary: there is a certain buzz is that after 5 days in the office to do something with his hands, and in rented apartments are always that tidy. And each time repeats the same story: while on a multitool very soon find that screwdrivers and pliers for life is not enough: added spanners for plumbing – pipe wrench, need a screwdriver just does not have the hand, bought a set of screwdrivers, updated furniture – a set of hexagons, after searching in furniture stores, it turns out that the shelf it’s easier to do it yourself, there is a handsaw and a plane, for mounting the shelf to insert the dowels into the wall – with Adelchi brought in the drill and of the hammer, where without it. Lock replacement entails gouges, repair pilka, multimeter and soldering iron… And then comes the time to move on, pack up and discover that all these tools that leave a pity and in General become almost a family, weigh, as an example, four tons-plus, and thought: «Let it be in a new apartment tool, where would he go,» the go again with one multitool. In the new apartment, the situation is of course repeated., advice on how to determine when to stop or just really need a tool but don’t get in this mess?

The answer

Hello man! It is a man, because the people who understand that pliers are not needed for cracking walnuts, understand what need additional details multitool, and know how to use them on purpose, makes me ecstatic tears of emotion. We are less – those who know how to plane a Board and drive a nail, not bending it. Who will not listen – all masters-momastery, all home repairs done faster than the lasts edition of the «Housing question», but in fact the pliers from the pliers can not be distinguished. I agree that the example looks like a quibble, but just know: it’s a little different. Although, in fact, the pliers is tuningware pliers (educational program on In General, honor and respect you, comrade. Nothing raises self esteem like success in using the tools. Surgeons and musicians think the same way.

But the question is: why do you leave the tools? This is a gift to the owners of the apartment? After all, He was convinced that in a new apartment you can come without utensils, even without clothes but not without tools. It would not have been a good multitool, and normal pliers will not replace. And no normal tool will not replace. And without a wrench? And if the pipes will be a problem, you their fingers to Unscrew you? No, and you know it. What exactly confuses you? Their weight? The number? As my grandpa used to say, «in every man’s life there comes a moment when the needle files», more likely to need a manual wire for cleaning pipes and multimeter than a second TV, and extra stuff that is constantly moving when moving. Better to periodically update the microwave (if it is hopelessly outdated), the dresser (if it starts to crumble at the slightest contact) and other things than tools. Do not be lazy, put in a box, big box, and take me. In the end, it’s too expensive. I recently went to the store for a set of watch screwdrivers. Mother of God, I woke up a little pocket of the Jew and began to grow exponentially when I saw the price on them. It would be better bought a new chandelier. I may have to dig a nail screws, but do not buy this Chinese crap. Sit now look at them and cry.

If you disagree to take an iron hoard, here’s a delicate list of tools of the first necessity, composed of your favorite magazine. Here is everything you need, in our view, and bitter experience. By the way, instead of a set of screwdrivers is better to buy one, but with replaceable tips. And the hammer in a rented apartment you need just in case, if you want to take revenge on the owners of the apartment.

By the way, a small bonus from us. If the new apartment will have problems with the space and tools will have nowhere to store, here’s a hint.

But otherwise – good luck! Rather purchase your own den and fill it in stationary work tools. Remember, the tool man is like jewelry for girls.

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