How to determine the percentage of body fat

Recently very popular methods of determining percent body fat as a General indicator of good appearance and quality body. We can say that the percentage of fat successfully replace the good old body mass index.

To better understand all that is written in this article, you may have to clarify something. If you’re not really a humanist, then he will understand how it all counts.

The fat content in the body is the amount of body fat (pounds or kg), which is divided by the total weight of the body. The resulting number is multiplied by 100 percent.

Muscle relief. Noticeable when a small fat best.

The distribution of fat in the body. This really is very difficult for all of us. In some bro more is accumulated on the trunk, others on the feet. There are women, the upper part of the body which are completely «dry», but the bottom (hips and buttocks) is the real storage of adipose tissue. And some Vice versa. Most women, of course, carry most of their fat on their bellies.

Different body shape. Classic case — thin model has as much fat as sports girl athlete. And all because the body fat distributed evenly.

The appearance of the veins always means that the amount of subcutaneous fat decreased.

Age. With age the amount of fat in the body, as its norm, is growing significantly. And it’s business as usual.

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The fat content in the body of 3-4%

To this state bring themselves bodybuilders. As for the top picture. This kind of body is characterized just incredible prorisovannost veins, which resemble a map of the «River of Russia». Muscles outlined is also very good. Hell, even on the buttocks visible veins, and it’s not the most beautiful sight. If you, a friend, on the buttocks there is no fat, it is the percentage you have in the body is very low. Or do you just have a certain type of body shape. By the way, my husband such amount of fat more or less sufficient for the normal functioning of the body. So think about it.

The fat content in the body 6-7%

Usually, such fat content in the body can be seen on the bodies of fitness models. Of course, the bodies of bodybuilders, too, can find such a spread of fat, but less frequently. Usually, when bro reaches a level of fat in the body, his family begins to worry significantly as his face reaches delineated and exceptional subtlety. Muscles are divided very clearly, veins visible on the extremities, occasionally on the chest and abdomen. The less fat, the more visible veins — just remember this, friend!

The fat content 10-12%

The most that neither is a sustainable level that is easily stored, even if for a week to throw a workout and a bit (a bit!) relax. This kind of love most women with it are often associated Hollywood stars, with a body like that is not ashamed to walk on the beach. Muscles are divided, but not as good as in the previous examples, where every muscle was visible very well. Veins appear on the hands, but not above the elbow and a little on his feet.

The fat content in the body 15%

Characterized as lean and taut. The outlines of the muscles there, but there is no clear separation between them. So, easy basting. There is a light softness is the fat. Esthetic appearance, although there is no relief.

The fat content in the body 20%

Separation and relief of muscle slowly begins to fade. Veins almost never speak. On the stomach there are folds and a small pouch of fat. The body becomes soft and rounded. Is the fat content in the body of a 20-25-year olds are very common.

The fat content in the body 25%

The muscles begin to be viewed only under load. And that is not much. Waistline begins to grow, and her relation to her hips is like 9/10. Fat is postponed a little on the neck. More than 25 percent body fat men and women is obesity.

The fat content in the body 30%

Fat begins to be deposited on the rump, back, thighs and calves. Waist is getting a little more hip. The stomach begins to act. The separation of the muscles there.

The fat content in the body 35%

Dude is becoming harder and harder. Most of the fat is in the abdomen, forming a «beer belly». Waist circumference can reach 100 cm ±1 cm.

The fat content in the body 40%

Waist can reach a circumference of 120 centimeters. Climb the stairs and a long walk becomes very difficult. To bend because of the huge belly gets extremely difficult.

About bro figured out now about the ladies. They also get fat? (Oops!).

On average, the fat content in the body for 8-10 percent higher.

Fat women in percent, 25.07.2013, yCPboSa71p2F2l5sNVaPtAQwlnXh6Xzm, 26.07.2013, 2inPKgbaPWv1lCbBJ0kGTNX01sg9fc70

The fat content in the body women 10-12%

This condition usually women-bodybuilders. This level of body fat in women is dangerous: menstruation may disappear altogether. Very high muscle definition and strong projection of veins on the whole body of women, especially in the hands to the elbow.

The fat content in the body women 15-17%

Despite the fact that it is beautiful, many researchers still believe that this unhealthy fat in a woman’s body. Bikini and fitness models can boast of such fat in the body. Muscles well visible on the trunk, arms, legs, shoulders. A small visible separation of muscles on the body. Thighs, buttocks and legs are a bit rounded, but big will never be, as well as the chest. But it is beautiful, IMHO.

The fat content in the body women 20-22%

Sports athletic female body. Toned. The minimum separation between the muscles. A little fat on the hands and feet.

The fat content in the body of women 25%

The most typical norm. Not fat, not skinny. Overweight, there is a little extra on the thighs and buttocks.

The fat content in the body of women 30%

The fat is stored in the lower body: the hips, buttocks. There are folds on the abdomen, from which it is difficult to get rid of. The abdomen protrudes slightly.

The fat content in the body of women 35%

The hips are wider, belly is heavily favored. When a girl goes down on them all wrinkly. The circumference of their hips can be greater than 100 centimeters. Waist circumference — more than 70.

The fat content in the body women 40%

The hips are about 110 centimeters. Waist — around 90 centimeters. The thickness of the legs just above the knee more than 60. It’s overkill, and strong.

The fat content in the body of women 45%

Hips much wider than shoulders. The circumference of your hips — about 130 cm. The body becomes very loose. However, after 35 percent of the looseness appears everywhere, but it’s very hard. Appear dimples.

The fat content in the body of women 50%

Well, here, as you know, it’s really bad for your health and generally. The body becomes a lot of dimples, becomes loose, and the lower part seems a lot more top.

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