How to destroy your computer


Technology quickly becomes obsolete, computer equipment — even faster. While it costs a lot of money — over the past year even rose in price by forty percent. In General, we would not foolishly every two to three years to buy a new laptop or computer, but most have to do it. There are two reasons:

1) Planned obsolescence;

2) Careless handling of equipment.

And if the first we can not do anything, then the second talk knowledgeably because as consultants we invited our friends from the computer service center «Will Fast.»

1 You forget to clean the PC from dust

Absolutely every user is not easy to force yourself to raise the butt, return the system unit sideways and see what’s going on with the fans. But it just needs to be done to take a good clean — dust is now very much possible even a hamster from her blind, brushing only one cooler.

Overheating severely harm the computer and can shorten the lifespan of equipment to a minimum. If you hear a terrible noise from the unit, then it’s time to clean your computer — do it until it is too late. It is better to use for these cases specialized tools.

2 You put the notebook on his knees


A bad habit for your eggs and your laptop. Although at first it seems a brilliant idea: when you do not want to sit with an equal back at the table, and I want to get into bed, cover yourself with a blanket and watch something dirty at night. But if you put your laptop on your lap or worse, on a blanket, then immediately block the fans access to oxygen and this causes overheating of the computer. What we were talking about overheating? Right, it shortens the lifespan of equipment, and you don’t need it. 3 You pour technique swill Beer and Cola — enemies keyboard number one. But if the keyboard is inexpensive, laptop this is not easy. Under his keyboard hidden secret connecting scheme that let him live. Today, of course, make higher quality laptops that allow them to survive even in the most awful drunk, but sweet soda does not benefit both people and mechanisms. Try to refrain from drinking while working behind the screen or to get a special glass, which is not bottled, the number of filled monitors in your life will decrease to zero.

4 You take the laptop into the bath


And again on the water. This time the one that hovers in the air in vapor form. To watch movies, lying in the bath, of course, cool, but steam penetrates into the device and then drops it in! Then you it does not get out, except to ask for help in the school with a sign for «laptop Repair». So it is better to get rid of the habit of taking the laptop into the bathroom is expensive, not to mention damage to the speakers.5 You have not repaired the wiring

Another reason for frequent breakdowns — terrible wiring. This is especially true for the old Soviet apartments, where «everything must change» for apartments, which are built with modern adventurers. In General, many homes are frequent power surges. They are disgusting impact on the service life of equipment, especially for computers that have cheap power supplies. The only possibility to solve this problem is to repair the wiring, or to prepare for the fact that you have to go to the computer repair every couple of months, before the screen finally goes out.

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