How to destroy the life of the town, just peed?


Some teenagers just unbearable. And stupid. And this guy could in an emergency situation to become an unwitting assassin.

Service reservoir the city of Portland was forced to flush millions of gallons of treated water, after one 19-year-old man urinated in the city reservoir.

His friend filmed on camera. All for the sake of the Internet and cheap popularity! Made it jerk in reserva with the purest water, contains 38 million gallons of water available for distribution from the local water.

The water probably wasn’t contaminated, it is unlikely stream of urine would have caused irreversible changes in the lives of citizens. But the head of the local housing office David shaff doesn’t want to risk it. The guy may be sick with something, and then respond Saffo.

Now the authorities are actively arguing about whether it was all washed away? And the guy facing three years behind a school. The funny thing is that it already the second case when it is the reservoir of someone urinating. He also was sentenced to three years.

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