How to deliver a crushing blow — overhead


You know, dude, fight, it happens, and when you have to fight, absolutely impossible to predict. Why not just use dudes to beat each other, but the best tool in the battle was and still is your own fist. Skilled punch and can kill! But to kill us, of course, nobody need, but to train the blow never hurt. So today we’ll talk about how to beat overhead. This punch is widely used in Boxing as you can guess from the name, put it on top and straight on the head.

We will give 3 simple rules that will help you master the shot that can destroy almost any Grubbs.

Position. Overhead requires preparation. You need to distract the enemy, to force it to open. Good for that quick straight punches (jabs), which act as feints and do not bear crushing force. And when the enemy is slightly lower hands, there will come a time send is charged to its fullest overhead directly to his head. Moreover, in contrast to the frivolous jabs ahead of doing it follows the main, more powerful hand.

Blow. The maximum strength of the shot will give a diagonal twisting of the housing from the top down and push the supporting leg. To aim at this, better not in the face, a few inches behind him. Thus, the impact force will be maximized due to the fact that it will be invested every kilogram of your weight, each. However, if the enemy shy away, you have a chance to portray the bull in the bullfight and flying past the opponent, to go over the ropes or just to open for a counterattack. The inertia has not been canceled! Therefore, carefully read the following paragraph.

Protection. After you put overhead, you stay in a completely open position. Therefore, the front non-dominant hand during overhad better to keep higher: it will protect your head from counterattacks. Also useful after a stroke do rebound, breaking distance between you.

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