How to defuse passive-aggressive asshole

By.kom.ua_26.12.2013_cyPQZ9cfB6DjcPassive aggression — a terrible thing. It is even more annoying than active, traditional and canonical aggression when they scream at you or even beat you in the soup. Why? Because this is some polubinski a way to put pressure on you conscience, while maintaining the face of a decent man. All this because someone in the place of eggs gaping void. You do not like something tell me about it, and don’t make a quest «How to screw his brains out and not post that content.»

Passive-aggressive people do not deserve respect for their cowardice, uncertainty and a complete lack of exposure. What is worse, they refuse to admit his passive aggression, so catch them will not work (and it would be nice, would be to dress up in white and stand in the spotlight). How then to be with them? Start to learn

How to distinguish passive-aggressive asshole

The characteristics of the enemy:

  • blames others for their own failures (genius!);
  • pessimistic, even when all is well;
  • demonstrates how he is vulnerable and fragile;
  • complains that he is constantly underestimated;
  • otmazyvaetsya of obligations.

Passive-aggressive people become the fault of the environment when their eternally oppressed, insulted, not allowed to Express emotions — in short, we all come from childhood. Instead of a human being to speak to others, what they want, these guys prefer to communicate their thoughts non-verbally, to make indirect compliments (e.g., not the man himself, and the result of completed work) and allusions to Express their attitude to anyone or anything. Complex people.

How to deal with passive-aggressive assholes?

Family dinner

The family is not without a passive-aggressive freak. There will always be people that will pretend that all is well, when he’s all bad, and anyway, he hates you.

What to do?

1. Don’t doubt yourself

When you idilicno will sit around the tree and begin to exchange gifts, never have you presented to aunt shirt («you really need to wear serious clothes») you are not impressed. It will only provoke her. Some people think that wedge is no joy other wedge, and respond to passive aggression the same passive aggression. It is not necessary. It will be a battle of the titans-neuter. Your response: «Thank you.»

2. Remember them from this nasty

They are ugly to feel a little better. «Oh, what a cool car! Never thought you such a pocket.»

You’re probably a little jealous, and envy in addition desire to always be better. Why? So maybe, since the childhood instilled a sense of competition. This is probably one of the main reasons why people tell you shit.

3. If you’re not able to control yourself, a little passive aggression contributions to the gift

Pick a gift which looks nice but carries a hidden meaning. For example, give «Ulysses» a thousand pages sister with anything is never enough time. Then you can mock and say, «Well, did you read it?»

At work

There we try to be polite and friendly, because to surround himself with enemies at work — could not be worse. If the work to do what you want, chances are that you will get fired on the first day, especially when sitting next to you passive-aggressive idiot who always gets on your nerves.

What to do?

1. You need a witness

Situation: the passive-aggressive colleague promises to help you — talk about it in the presence of a third person. So he doesn’t have a chance to keep a promise: you have witnesses. So if you don’t have time, will blame you.

2. Always have a copy

What you say, passive-aggressive fuck? Did not get my letter? So here it is, look!

3. Passive-aggressive tone just

I never understood that. I left on the kitchen table unwashed Cup. Since a team consisted of five people, everyone knew whose Cup rests on the kitchen table. How can I found it? She pasted a sticker with a note that the dishes should be washed. Okay? About it can talk about it.

In front of the computer

Social networks — cool way to keep contact with anyone, however, passive aggression, and there is flourishing. Nobody writes to each other normal messages that are all just looking for updates to each other.

What to do?

1. Instead of having to post on the wall a sad «happy New year», choose the most important to you friends and call them

To hear the voice of a dear person is much nicer than to see another repost of a dog in a reindeer costume.

2. Schedule an appointment

Instead of trying to be friends with everyone, substituting the number of friends quality. It is not necessary in vain to be friends with that person you saw once in your life. Why? For what?

You spoke with him since school? And the school communicated? You need to know something about his life? If so, send at least a message instead of silently watched his profile.

Even accept friend request, too passive-aggressive way. How? When some unknown fucking reason asks to be your friend, and you add it, so as not to offend — what’s that? Leave it without hesitation!

3. On vacation — relax!

And don’t whine on Twitter that soon a job. When you articulate the problem around the world, it does not disappear, count! Read all the curses you and then forget. You know, I even think that all these technological things only provoke passive aggression.

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