How to defend yourself from a burglar with a sharp sauce «Chile»


Actually, «Chile» — terrible sauce, only worse «Tabasco». But the dudes from this story «Chile» helped a lot to solve their problems.

24-year-old Tyrone Holmwood, what works in one restaurant, apparently, was extremely dissatisfied with those tips that were given to him at the end of the day as a result of the traditional division of the tip. Dispute Tyrone decided very radical: he tried to get to the cash register, scattering of their colleagues. 27-year-old girl Joanna Tarnoski, which seems to be responsible for persisting the cache, hit Tyrone in the head, but it didn’t help: the robber moved to the counter and have tried to open it and to profit by the contents, but she did not lose her. She grabbed the pot of chili sauce and poured it directly into the face of Tyrone. With minor burns Tyrone was taken to the hospital and then the police. He is guilty!

By the way, his father had spoken about this very radically: «I would have him for such a thing would have boiling oil poured out!» Radical dad, right in Taras Bulba.

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