How to defeat the boss nasty

Admit that at least once in your life you looked at RealAudio or nodamage boss and wanted to strangle him with these very hands. We against killing bosses — you know, not Royal case. But we know how to behave in order to defeat them.

Be above it

The best way to deal with a screaming or cursing of a person is not to stoop to his level. There is a possibility that he later will be ashamed. Never let emotions get the upper hand: it is still negative, irritation, hatred, anger. You need to control yourself. If the boss gets his hurdy-gurdy, no need to clench his fists — it is better to sit back and slowly ride the chair up and down.

Try to appease him

Always wanted to learn how to build a dumb — and that was pretty good. Idiots (which we presume is your boss) is easier to interact with these idiots than with the appropriate people, so you have to mimic. Learn his language habits: all those thick metaphors and allusions that he uses and when he hears from your lips your own words, it will become more friendly.

Take the blame

Sounds like an extremely difficult task. If the argument with the user you fully take the blame on yourself (even if you know that actually it is not), the conflict will be resolved quickly. Paradox! Sometimes it is enough to stipulate that your interlocutor has opened for you. Boldly step into the office to the boss and declare: «It’s my fault,» he won’t eat you. Sometimes all the fuss just because, he can’t prove to you your wrong.

Restrain your indignation

Sometimes the work is all so strong you hate that you bring your negative emotions home. This is a direct path to failure. If you irritate your boss, swearing at him home in any way will not save you — it’s like drinking poison and wait for your hateful boss finally dies. Instead of escalate the conflict both at home and at work, focus on positive strategies, such as…

Wait until he will give a blunder

A familiar story: you see the boss is wrong, tell him he discredits — what to do? To bite my tongue and wait until he will understand the depth and the drama of their failure. And he will regret it. Clients will understand this, other teams know it, your friends will understand that. Then the boss will cease to be so formidable — the time will put everything in its place. When this happens, lean back in the chair, put his feet on the table, priklopne coffee and laugh in the best tradition of inspirational movie. You deserve it.

Help him out

Extreme situation — this is where you have the opportunity to Shine and to show yourself in the best light. If you help the boss to solve a complex problem, time to finish burning the project, it will be on their shoulders a ton, suddenly fell upon you, he sees you with a new angle and understand how good the guy was at hand. Although sometimes they don’t understand and keep trying to sit on your head.

Leave the job

If you’ve tried everything and to no avail, you have one old and proven method of solving problems is to leave. You can go to another Department or to another company in order to deal with an unpleasant boss. It is important to monitor outside your office. When you come up, you can do something else, the situation will become more tolerable. If the boss you have a complete ass-hat, without a twinge of conscience to resign.

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