How to defeat doubt

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_woCFosmmfc4AzDoubt their ability to made decisions or completed actions, whether as a rule, suddenly and covers like a tsunami wave. Really everything is happening so suddenly? Before to cover the doubt for a very long time to grow in you, gaining strength, you just never noticed or wanted to notice.

Silently and slowly, drop by drop the uncertainty enters your life, you find that it devours your soul.

Doubt can ruin an almost perfect marriage, to prevent a confident career, and with a talented artist to make a creative impotent. There are four most important areas of life in which even a little doubt can destroy everything that has been created in such hard work.

1. Marriage

Or just a steady long-term relationship.

Psychologists found that couples who expressed doubt the choice made by them before marriage, divorce 2.5 times more frequently than those who do not doubt.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that you’re not sure if this is the person, whether the choice you made. But if faith in a relationship is lost, then the relationship itself, consider, too.

Different cultures have different ways of solving this problem. There are traditions, which exclude the possibility of divorce, so the question is «will this last forever?» there’s just not put. Because it will be.

You say that this is too much. Indeed, the European culture at the present stage of development of such foreign radicalism. But what we could learn from these cultures?

Think about how your choice was made. Most likely, if we’re talking about a really serious relationship, it was not an instant rush, and a balanced, considered decision.

Doubt is a natural property of the psyche, we tend to check and recheck every step, from it can not escape. But you can’t let insecurities control you. In those moments when you begin to doubt, remember your thought processes when making decisions. Appeal to logic and remember: at the helm should be you, not your experiences.

2. Creativity

For a creative person doubt is enemy number one. Can you name at least one artist or writer, who never doubted in his talent? And how easily it can hurt a creative person’s negative opinion about his work!

Remember that creativity exists in order to Express yourself, not to impress others.

The key to understanding the creative process lies in setting priorities: what is important is that creativity is for you, not how it is accepted by the public. You can’t let the opinion of the audience to sow the seeds of doubt in your soul. Remember, you’re the artist — and this is important. Be honest, trust your gut, and the audience may not immediately, but will appreciate it.

3. Business

Self-doubt can destroy the life of an entrepreneur, which, as nobody knows what the UPS and downs. Doubt spends an intellectual and emotional resources needed to overcome challenges and achieve success. Even if your idea failed completely, it helped to purchase if you experience, the value of which is the contribution to the future victory.

Moreover if you control a certain number of people, you must believe in yourself and your business and infect the confidence of their employees. Doubt the business is not the place.

4. Sport

Marathoner just can’t doubt your ability to cross the finish line, and the goalkeeper is in the ability to take the ball. Uncertainty plays with the athlete a cruel joke. As soon as he begins to doubt, doubt immediately becoming reality.

And Vice versa — when he believes in himself, he can do anything.

Boxer who enters the ring with a broken shoulder and still wins — I think he doubts? Unlikely.

As soon as to live entirely without doubt, we can not, should learn to deal with them.

The certainty of uncertainty is what gives doubt to the ability to control your life.

Be tricky — when you really like to doubt, try to doubt the doubt.

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