How to decorate house for Christmas, bad idea


Americans have a peculiar tradition of decorating their homes with balloons, garlands and colored problems, and then brag about friends and neighbors that all of you have so rightly shines. But today, you will understand that to be the Patriarch of the American family and decorate every year your house the envy of neighbors, it is not always a good idea.

A man named Murphy lake received a scolding from the fire service for the dubious garland, which was propiciamos to remove. Murphy decided to replace the garland, another garland, but it was prevented by something in the best traditions of the American Christmas movie. The man was standing on the stairs at the time, as she was dangerously swaying back and soon fell, but our hero kept his head and hung on his hands on the roof. Passed everyone was sure it was just a Christmas toy. Dude so hung for over an hour until someone realized that the dummy can not shout this voice, called the police, removed Murphy from the roof.

Merry Christmas, Cho is really there!

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