How to decide on a parachute jump

manygoodtips.com_30.03.2016_x1pn5yalGTIm7The modern man has a few things he needs to do to live a life in vain. If we turn to the ancient sages, forgotten and modern, these acts will always be the knowledge of love, building a house and travel around the world. With the development of human civilization, our desires changed, though their essence has always remained the same. The main thing was a test of feelings, access to which is closed to most people for various reasons: financial, emotional, psychological. So they think. But in fact, people can break up at any moment to fulfill his dream: to leave for permanent residence, for example, in Guatemala. They do not interfere with the circumstances, and the absence of willful decision own cowardice.

Your life must sooner or later appear, this is the list of rows from which you have to cross all that remained. There are plenty of cases that will be worn and universal, and personal. Someday, one morning you’ll look back and remember all the crazy things that worked, you remember experienced UPS and downs, bright explosions of feelings and events, you look into the eyes of a friend, and then measure my legacy. You will understand the main thing: if the universe gave you a second chance, then you wouldn’t have to change anything. And so we must live.

And today is a good day to start this way. We will start it with own example – with jump into the sky.

Where jumped the author of In Krasnodar, of course. Gave his life to the boys from «South of heaven». This sport-parachuting aviation club, which deals not only with the organization of independent jumps and jumping in tandem, but also search and rescue. We are talking about professionals who have hundreds, maybe thousands of sorties. You can jump in the morning, afternoon and even evening. Importantly, it was a day off (from 8-00 to 20-00). Recommended!

Life without risk is not life

When you fly in an airplane, surrounded by professional parachutists, climbing higher and higher, it is difficult to imagine that just a few minutes – and you will literally throw into the atmosphere. And there, in spite of a skydiver behind you, just you. Even birds don’t climb so high, even the richest milk clouds in existence somewhere in the distance. To go long: time to scroll in mind all the possible scenarios and finally calm down. The brain is at a height of three and a half thousand meters running incredibly fast.

But until such time as the Board the plane, takes a lot of time. There’s always a sneaky chance you’ll just turn around, will send the entire West to hell and back to routine. I about such cases heard, although I was told that they come once in a century. Why can not retreat, why do you even jump with a parachute – that’s about it and I want to say a few words.

Required experience

manygoodtips.com_30.03.2016_p8SZXQIsoMpWlI’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that skydiving is the action that should definitely be in any list of goals. And the longer you wait with the implementation of his ideas, the harder it is to bring it to life. However, jumping not only Mature guys in the Prime of life, but children and pensioners.

In the waiting area where I signed all the necessary documentation for the leap, hung a TV, which aired video jumps. No fear on the faces were not. Even the children were inspiring euphoria. Before meeting with an instructor, I realized how flimsy was my fears. Fear itself was reminiscent of the feeling that you experience before something important, even life-changing. You are probably faced with a similar feeling.Of course, from the point of view of the individual, the leap is a challenge. Test yourself on the courage and determination to change their lives. But for others it’s just a regular work routine, which, however, looks much cooler than sitting in the office on a comfy chair, Monday through Friday.

Nowhere to retreat

If you’re a resident of St. Petersburg and its environs, we recommend you the local parachute club «Valkyrie». Jumping in the Arsenal club different (tandem independent), but if you’re after the first flight wants to learn skydiving or even become an athlete, skydiver, then this club won’t hurt you, because they prepared more than five thousand of these athletes. If he had jumped, you can please your girlfriend and buy her a gift card.So, a few days after your first parachute jump. Waiting is not easy, and you will be able to give up his insane idea. But doesn’t want to watch you give back – you do not want to see among our readers are suckers, I’m sorry. So listen to our advice, if your knees are shaking, or you find «reasonable» reasons not to jump.

Watch the video jumps

It’s not every day people jump from four thousand meters, so they prefer to record impressions of the video. With the help of the operator or the GoPro which is attached to the hand. In the Internet there are many clips that can reassure you. Brave men with nothing bad happens: you see a moment of real happiness and freedom on their faces, which is not overshadowed by anything around. If a person was born for such flights.

When you realize that thousands of people have already made the jump, and they were all satisfied, the soul becomes calmer, and most not so scary.

Ask a seasoned

manygoodtips.com_30.03.2016_8lT1PRWcsWcXWSurely you have a friend who’s done a similar flight. Ask him about the sensations he felt before the jump, during the jump and after. Most people will tell you straight up: my fear was absolutely nothing, but memories remain for all subsequent life.

Invite a friend

And can even take the whole company down. She will support you in your crazy, at first glance, the desire. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of your buddies will also want to jump, how lucky I was. And the man with whom I went decided to jump in 30 minutes before departure. The spontaneous outburst that I had to watch.

Forget the jump

This strategy unwittingly used myself. When I found out that I was going to jump, it is just abstracted from this decision to the takeoff. Did your normal things, no statistics drops not watched the video with jumping also did not see, and parachuting was not interested. The advantage of this approach is that you don’t know what you waiting: what will be in the sky or what kind of feeling you will experience – all these do not need to know, because no one can explain it with words. You can feel it only yourself. Just go for it and get on the plane.

Pat the cat

Parachute base where I was jumping, was inhabited by not just humans, but dozens of happy cats. I do not know where they come from there, but all the jumpers actively stroking, and cats, meanwhile reassured clients and said, «Dude, it’s okay, you have nothing to worry about!»

About security readers will not understand the dilemma facing the person who is making his first jump, and of their own accord. The newly minted paratrooper not familiar with the statistics (although the Internet is cracking down on everyone for a couple of days before departure), therefore is in a kind of illusion regarding the danger intended. The reality is that the jump in the presence of experienced instructors (and they always experimental license is not stupid) is not more dangerous than a game of Darts or a trip to the metro. The guys are working in the coordinated scheme, are behind hundreds, if not thousands of jumps. Nobody will leave you without a parachute, and himself you not going.

Safety is simple to horror, but the instructor will not let you into heaven until you kill her yourself in the head for the next hundred years. At each base there is a fitness center that you’re going to jump, they simulate the flight itself. You just need to show all the actions that you must do in the aircraft at the time of the jump and in flight. But, in fact, does everything for you, an experienced skydiver who jumps with you in tandem. You are taught by and large not to complicate his life by their actions. And jump, if we are talking about tandem, not you, him. So abandon the jump at the last 5 seconds you just will not work.Flight you’ll have to make a few movements before the disclosure of the main parachute. The fact that some of the meters you’re flying in free flight – this is the Nirvana that is hard to forget. And then float in the air much slower with bullets flying over my head. Experienced athletes can do in free flight strange things, but you’ll fall like a sack of potatoes, although this would be sufficient.


manygoodtips.com_30.03.2016_LhRniMAW117XUIf we talk about the jump as a set of feelings, then you have a palette that cannot be replaced by fear, euphoria, happiness, feeling of absolute freedom, of relief. When you fly under the parachute and look to this Kingdom of clouds, the head will come the sign of the thoughts that will give you the opportunity in a completely different way to look at the world. For some damn enslaved individuals jump will be a real vaccine from the wrong life.

Of course, let’s not lose sight of the good old physical sensations. The human body quite differently behaves there in the sky. And even when you are flying, these feelings change, especially when you pass through the thick clouds, as if flying through a ghostly rain. Generally, as a rule, skydivers rarely jump in cloudy weather. Two main reasons: 1) the pictures are not so bright; 2) clouds churning GPS, which helps to land in the right place. But I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from such a jump. All without the bright sun damn nice, but if the GPS down a route, you still have a soft landing (for example, I landed on the football field, what makes happy).

And at the moment the jumps season in full swing, so that emergency situations shouldn’t be. It’s time to start a new life that will be devoid of fear. And start it with the first jump in the sky.

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