How to deal with stubbornness

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2016_2MZsDIOEylcMgYou can always refer to their inexperience, when you meet the problem in the form of the old idiot who won’t listen to you or your arguments. But the problem is not that you a bad a demagogue and a diplomat. Just this stubborn behaves like a spoiled child, thinking that I had lived long enough to perk up what is already plucked the Apple from the tree of wisdom and now the concentration of the universal mind settled in his mind. The analogy with children is not accidental — they are also convinced that it is always and everywhere right. But we close our eyes to their whims because they are children. But when you see an adult who can’t accept someone else’s point of view, any throws into the fire of hatred. Why is he so stupid? Why is he so imbued with selfishness? Answers to this set: bringing us down, life is culture. But why do we need answers when the only thing we want to know is how to deal with these people?

Stubbornness at work

Some look at stubbornness as perseverance — make of this quality a real virtue. It’s like saying that being drunk all day normal, if a person has an addiction to beer. So, stubbornness is a trait of scum that is difficult to have a conversation. And excuse us, but you yourself can be.

This quality is a kind of crutch in the ass, and it affects other people around you. If you persist at work all day, then you will begin to avoid. You at least look like a man who cannot cooperate with others. Then it turns out that you failed the source, because you don’t even listen to others, only yourself. Stubborn people can hear but listening never want. This shows that stubborn colleague (or you, if you saw it yourself) is very difficult to adapt to market changes, because he is impervious to others ‘ ideas, to innovate. He hears only his own voice in his head, who can advise something sensible, but sooner or later go wrong.So instead of resisting, use a wish to achieve success from the inside — it will help you to listen to others. It should also be done with colleagues. If they’re not listening, let them listen to the arguments, which they consider to be their own — to create the illusion that your idea has occurred to them independently. And, of course, confrontation will not help. Never helped.

Stubborn love

Stubbornness we find in all stages of life: childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. And at every level of stubbornness undermines our vitality. And most of the negativity comes from stubbornness in the relationship. Or girlfriend — no difference. Just relationships are a form of coexistence that accompanies us almost around the clock. Generally, if you begin to notice in their relations with the friend the shadow of the donkey’s dementia, then you should look to yourself (first!), and then to her. It is likely that the stubbornness of one of you will cause years of suffering to both, and in the end there will be no happy ending. Failed relationship to be more than happy.

But do not think that we advise you to flee the sinking ship. First, you need to try to fight this pernicious quality. If you both enable stubborn asshole a couple of times a week, then everything will be fine is in order. But if it happens every day, and your brain stem from the auricles, it makes sense to start talking about it with a girl.

And without abuse, and serious. Maybe her stubbornness was born out of your stubbornness, and you both created a vicious circle that can destroy a simple conversation. In addition, remember that unless you begin to change, it will lead to the fact that in the restaurant you will order a table for one. Sad theme.

The stubbornness of the family

manygoodtips.com_23.09.2016_3AdPzGthu8QPlA painful question for those who too late came out from under the maternal wing. The influence of parents extends throughout life. Even if you saw threw the earth the grave of his father, he will still visit you — in thoughts, behavior and chosen solutions. It is not so concerned about how parental and family influence directly. Worse, when you feel the influence of another family — for example, by a friend who «suddenly» called to visit his mother. Her mom may be a wonderful person, but the myths about mothers-in-law, not because of the life that the girls are the worst mother. Relatives just love to meddle in the lives of their children, to counsel, to intervene in personal problems. Sometimes dinner with a girl’s parents is a harsh battle in the ring where you can only Dodge the blows and to strike are strictly prohibited. And rude relatives can not, even if they ask for it by its very existence. You need to make one small but important thing — to remind them that you’re an adult.

Indulge stubbornness of relatives is impossible. But to attack them with a knife — too silly. What to do? Imagine the situation that every time they insist on the same restaurant. You are tired, and the only thing you can properly do is to discuss the following place in advance, and those from them which you somehow support it. Crush number the view of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family — you will be well done.They might scoff at your work? Remind them that it makes you happy, and this is important, and the money will then. The point is to show himself as a holistic personality, which has its own thoughts, preferences, goals, and that this will have to be considered, whether they like it or not. A little selfish, but it would be worse if you compress a lump of mucus, and wait until you come. Don’t be afraid to listen to their advice, but don’t take them to heart.

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