How to deal with freeloaders

Freeloader is a kind of Primate, which in modern society successfully mimics humans. He tries to appear friendly, understanding and most miserable, to insinuate to us in confidence, and then to use our knowledge, influence or refrigerator. With such a beast is not so easy to fight because it can cause pleasant emotions to the moment when you finally realize that you have used. But even against such people can act with dignity, with grace and wit about it we will tell.

1. Narrow terms

manygoodtips.com_12.10.2016_hRIaHaI9yiYQdEpic freeloaders usually begins with a small loan of money. This kind of deprivation of virginity — then the boarder will only become impudent. At this point you may seem to lend money to a friend — a good, godly thing, which will add points to your karma. But you just don’t know how much money changes people, even when we are talking about a couple thousand. Riders wanted to spit on the work that you spent to earn that money. They will try to forget this loan and tomorrow you will start talking to you as if nothing had happened.

A at this time looking back, because «he is alone, I tell him that the money he has — it’s embarrassing». A pattern of behavior to adhere to our own peril. Be practical. At the time of loan discuss terms, and then remind me about a loan over the phone a couple of days before payout. And generally, referring to the fact that the money you need, for example: «No problem, I’ll loan it to Friday, but no further — no, I need the money to pay the rent». The main thing is to make sure that he clearly understood all the conditions of the loan, otherwise the sweat will refer to the fact that you have nothing concrete said about the timing.

2. Check person for lice

To uncover freeloaders easy. Their reputation precedes them, so if you’ve heard from friends that «this guy likes to live at the expense of others», they are likely to be right. But not every request for assistance, the provision of housing or purchase of Breakfast determines the Freeloader. There is a way to easily check a person for lice. For example, a new acquaintance asked you about the camera for a couple of days, then asked to pay for his Breakfast, and then he borrowed your bike. What to do?

Ask for his number and some Friday night asking to buy beer and snacks to sit and relax in a cloud of cigarette smoke. Can remember that will forgive the debt for Breakfast. That’s all. If the guy on the other end of the phone will begin to crease, to say: «Well… I don’t really want a beer» he sucks man and does not pass the test. The point is, you have to ask for something and get it free of charge, as payment for previously provided services. That is, your Bank account should be a priority, and charity work is not necessary. A favor for a favor, like old times.

3. Do not justify expectations

Riders use not only your money, things and opportunities — they also use your soul using you as a source of kindness to their suffering.» Everyone had a friend who was always turning the attention of the company for their troubles, who beat him mercilessly from the work, family and health. Are people happy when they listen, clap on the shoulder and say: «I understand you, buddy. This kind of life». Actually they just use your energy to compensate for the deficiency. And some do it constantly.

The opposite, when even your serious problems revolve in a conversation the «problems» of the interlocutor, which is just waiting to for him to notice. In this case, you must understand that such kind of riders use an elaborate system that quickly fails when you don’t meet the expectations. They think that you can see right through you, but it is not — you can always break the matrix of perception. It is enough to translate the conversation to another topic or to react a bit aggressive — aggression, they are afraid.

4. Stop communication with them

manygoodtips.com_12.10.2016_NKmwddnGaI8nVLife is a team sport where you are the captain. In one team there can’t be two captain, otherwise it will fail and shitty to play. Freeloader expects to build its personality over the owner of his life, making it an absolute parasite in every sense. So sometimes you have to break ties with people who want to take your place. It is impossible that someone who lived through your personality, your successes and your money — crush all lifelines, and you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to live without parasites.

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