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Hi, Been watching your posts, a lot of interesting and useful thing to learn for themselves. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that the girl I live (nearly six months), for 4 months every day (there are exceptions, 2-3 times a month) drinking beer. Explains that she likes the taste of beer. To disperse I do not want him, because in all other relations with it are satisfied. But this habit just makes me nervous. Talk about the fact that I don’t like it, don’t help. Scandals too. Tell me what to do. Whether, in your opinion, what is the way out?

The answer

Hello, young man. Thank you for watching our posts, I really hope that article you too will look there useful more.

So, hurry to your aid as whack, Roquefort and nut onto the scene. What can I say, he brought the girl. After two months of living together has washed down. Don’t know what the hell happened out there, but she’s right: beer and really tasty. Its delicate hop flavor — like a kiss of fresh air and cool August afternoon. You did not specify how much she uses: one bottle of «Baltika 9» or poltorashku unfiltered, but it doesn’t matter. Female alcoholism — a terrible thing. It’s even worse than living with a bitch and her mom in one room of a communal flat. Daily consumption of beer more for the benefit of anyone not going, especially as bad as domestic.

But it should be said quite clearly: the extent of the drinking woman better than nondrinkers. Just believe me: a girl who from time to time can keep you allcompanie much easier to find a common language, than that which no he never gives up. Maybe it’s subjective evaluation, maybe the author of life met the «wrong» non-drinker. But they have even a glass of beer was caused by the hostility and undisguised disgust.

Most offensive, that the sobriety of a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet did not make them more beautiful and healthier — snot tech week and the belly after apples swelled stronger than domestic peoplemy drunk with the experience. But this way of life provoked active cell growth mudozvonstva in the body. Hysteria began to break out like an angry bear out of the den began regular instruction, and the worst — acute rejection other people’s opinions, other people’s lifestyles. Not just that — just resentment. Don’t want to take photos of her perfect figure in tights fucking — asshole. Drinking beer with friends is a drunk, a bastard, and not pay attention to her.

The virgin, who sometimes drinks, are another matter altogether. Not thumps, namely drinking. Girls who can take a SIP and are not subjected to the enchantment of the Green Snake, believe more readily with them much easier.

What such a passage? Before, dear friend, that the suspicions we have about you. Just in case I ask: and what is your attitude to alcohol? Not exaggerating do you? Suddenly you’re a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and traditional values, according to which the girl and the harmful excesses were incompatible because she has to bear so little. How do we know that you do not mind it a beer belly? Just human nature to exaggerate, especially in situations where he needs help and he knows that the truth is not on his side.

Maybe your girlfriend’s not 2-3 days in a month spent without beer, but, for example, only 2-3 times a week touches the bottle? Well, it’s not alcoholism, not to worry. In the old days people had to drink alcoholic beverages, because clean water was a big problem. And nothing would give birth to perfectly healthy people (our ancestors, by the way), which were quite healthy (if not to take into account the incest, poor hygiene and the plague). In this case, you should take her alcoholic tastes. She’s not vodka whips.But if you’re telling the truth, if the situation is so deplorable, you should take action. Repeat: bad alcohol in a regular, albeit in small doses, even for the benefit of anyone not went. So listen to our advice, to in 5 years not to raise money for «treatment of Aleshenka from a congenital disease» and not to negotiate with social services so that they are not deprived of the rights of an alcoholic mother.

So, to get her from a position of strength should not be — pointless, will only aggravate the situation, and she will descend into the abyss of General drunkenness. Output exclusively in conversations. All you can do is talk to her seriously and cause arguments. In the arguments it is appropriate to note, what exactly confuses you. This really needs to distinguish conversation from the previous one. If it’s good intentions related to your health care, reproductive functions, and others, make it look good.

«You’re the woman that I am serious about that I want healthy kids» and blah-blah-blah. For clarity, relieving her of various medical articles and documentaries detailing the effect of alcohol on fertility. In every woman, even the most ardent feminist, hidden gene mother this is responsible for those annoying conversations about your future family, that he is the cause of the sudden and scary questions like: «how would you say daughter?» And if it doesn’t childfree if she’s got any conscience at all, she’ll get the message.

You see, if people do not want to — he doesn’t wean, and to require tie «for love» is a lame argument. While it will not penetrate, do not understand the fear, and do not want to tie himself, any reduction of the doses is just a temporary lull.

Maybe soon she’ll get sick from daily libations, she’ll feel worse and stop. Women are health more zealous than men, we live by the principle: «Pakalolo ceased — so that’s all right,» and here the girl any changes for the worse can sober up cooler with wet towels in the cold. So tell her that you love her even with the bags under the eyes, sagging skin and noticeable excess weight, and gotten used to her snoring. If you are not a fool — take over the health, and there will not be a to the bottle.

Important: do not start drinking with her, so she got less. Many begin to thump families. Can you give an example of a comrade who was too embarrassed drunk girl. Only he didn’t drink, he smoked. Smoked a lot, everywhere it was accompanied by thick smoke, which gave him some resemblance to a steam locomotive. And he smoked on the balcony and on the street, and right at home, from one another, strewing ashes on the carpet and men fool from the aroma.

In the end she broke down and surrendered, promising not to touch the bottle. It kept their promise, but he is accustomed to tobacco, and eventually ceasing to feel dizzy from the tobacco in the lungs, was involved in this case. I tried to quit and failed. In the end, she dumped him. Method is questionable, so don’t suggest to knock the wedge wedge.But in General, if your friend is not amenable to persuasion, and continues daily to rinse the stomach intoxicating gold, you think: and whether it is necessary to you? Over time this will affect health, and who knows how it will affect your future child. Female alcoholism is much worse than male and much faster progressing. If there is a predisposition, then one solution is to treat the alcohol lost in the maze. If passion is to progress, all the good that was in it, and that you loved her so much, will disappear. Think about why you need it.

But if it will reduce consumption at least to the bottle a week — rejoice, the alcoholic won’t make, she’s a normal person.

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