How to dance Netanya man

how to learn to danceDancing men or not is a controversial issue. On the one hand, the first impulse is to say «no» and waved his arms, saying, I have nothing to do, dancing is not seen. On the other hand, many think dancing is a typical female activity, not worthy men? There is the darkness, several thousands of professional dancers-men, in which even the abs show through under t-shirt — who dares to reproach them for what they are, they say, are you doing woman business? This is a complex question, the double-edged sword.

And yet, the vast majority of men are not dancing, and I perfectly understand them. However, sometimes in your life will, unfortunately, happen a situation when you have to dance otherwise you will be the center of attention and the object of intense persuasion itself is more expensive. Have to rush a breast on an embrasure, and your feet on the dance floor.

What if you have no idea how to dance? All you ever sat and watched. Now we’re coming for you.


If you don’t want to embarrass myself in front of all these people, it is necessary to warm up. Dancing requires grace, which you reach if you strain. Busy guy is always clearly visible. It looks unnatural and out of place, as if holding back your every move or is moving. If these arguments aren’t enough for you, maybe it completes women’s looks.

Stretching is a good idea, especially before going to the club, even if you think you can dance. There is always the possibility that you will still dance. At any time. Legs, arms, back muscles, stretch it all. Just like a swimmer, a dancer uses every part of your body, and if you’ve not been dancing, and you can pull muscles.

Do what you can

Don’t try moves that were only seen from the side when dancing on the people. Especially if they have the acrobatic component.

Want to learn new dance moves some practice while no one sees, or go to class. It is also an additional opportunity to emulate those who are better than you. The dance floor is the place where you demonstrate your skills rather than trying to learn. Even if you for some reason think you look cool, this opinion may no man separate. How the matter? Of course, a disgrace. Practice in front of a mirror and be honest with yourself. Work, improve your movement and when you’re ready, show it to your friends or other close people that you trust. Another great way to get information — YouTube, this is where the deep dance lessons! In 16 years I would give my soul for faster Internet and video tutorials on drum n bass!

An important caveat: to stand at the counter and shaking his head in time to music is not a dance. These guys are very similar to geese, just watch! When you dance, the part should look like a dance gives you the easiest in the world.

Don’t forget the upper body

How many times I’ve seen guys who tried to dance and failed miserably with their attempts, forgetting to move the upper part of the body! Do leg movements is commendable, it is half the battle, but there is still that other half! Move your hands, elbows, shoulders… well, anything! In any case you cannot just do step right — step left and down to depict a bifurcated Board that a wicked sorcerer has revived only by half. No need to constantly do the same thing: try to show diversity. To dance with the robot — something else fun, women works indifferent. Relax, smile and move your arms. Remember the torso and the back: they also bend.

The movement needs to give you pleasure

Guy awkward, I can tell. You should feel like a fish in water and not be embarrassed by the fact that you’re in the club, nor the fact that look at you, nor even what movements you perform. You must like the space, the music and the people around them. Dancing is, above all, fun. If you’re uncomfortable, to have fun, not work. Fun is the key, otherwise, the dance becomes meaningless. The more you sweat, worry and look, the worse you get.

Listen to the rhythm

Dudes who are in the midst of the downtrodden people of the room do not fall into the rhythm of always sorry. All moving in the same rhythm, and this guy is in a completely different and becomes a stranger to all. Even if there are other losers, don’t need to provide them with moral support: let it be their problem, not yours. How to determine the rhythm? If you clap your hands to the music, it will become obvious. Found the rhythm, too — and not like a loser! Just stand and clap — it’s already too much.

When choosing a partner…

It is logical that people like to dance together. Dance with a girl is an important step to move closer to her. What to look for when choosing a partner? First and foremost, on the level. She’s not supposed to outshine. First, if she dances much better than you, you will not get pleasure from the dance. Second, you can just not keep up. We have already said that dance is fun. Choose a girl who is having fun. If you have a choice between a beautiful but icy lady and more simple but fun, feel free to choose the second. Will get more fun. And one more thing: don’t be afraid of failure. If she doesn’t want to dance with you, her case may be a thousand reasons. Find another girl and try to invite her. You’re just having fun.

In the case of dance as an important practice, mood and ability to relax. So you even will not think that you can do something wrong.

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