How to cut your hair dude: current haircut this year

Concern with their appearance is quite a normal male feeling, and ashamed of it. Of course, there is no such panic, as the ladies, to the point we did not bring. But if to look truth in the eye, we are concerned about how we are perceived by others, whether it be a date or a business meeting, party or home to meet your parents girlfriend. If a man will appear at any event with bad hair, and even with dirty hair, the success can not see him. So in any acquaintance: first, look at how you look then what you are. Exceptions only prove the rule.Meanwhile, trends in bobbed hair was never in place. We just think that men’s hair is more conservative than the female. In fact we see that men each year look different. Even when we try a classic cut, for us it is very innovative and risky move, after the tradition of men’s hairdressing we are only beginning to emerge. And all this in recent years. interviewed notable masters of the barbershop, including the «Frant», «20/15», «Dude» and «BARBERHERMAN & CO». In the end we made a kind of guide to haircuts and forecast the styles that will be extremely useful to you this year.

1. The Prophecy Of The «Dandy»

Volunteered first to predict a manly fashion master Anton right out of the barbershop «Dandy». And that’s what he thinks about all of your haircuts.

Most trends last year will be true this year, sort of short sides and a solid top with clear strands or regrown hair. The year can be described as the year of grunge and post-punk: a lot of people went back to long hair and unkempt beard-bristles. Some, of course, prefer the classics (the ones who didn’t want to be «like all sobriety»), but it is not I would like to see regularly.

2016, of course, will be different. This can be understood with popular resources such as «Instagram» or numerous pages in the spirit of «men’s style».

The peak of popularity will reach technique «fad» (smoky transition to the two zones or the entire head, but it was smoky, no stripes), to which are added elements in the form probritish patterns and strips down to freestyle drawings, portraits and geometric details.And guys, again, you start to dye your hair in nuclear, bright colors, from platinum to green, and the haircut will have a deliberately unkempt look. In this case we will get massive hair, DIY haircuts, about those that were popular in the English-speaking world of the early twentieth century. Remember the TV series «peaky blinders».

The year promises to be a contrast. We will see a strange carelessness, and yet some conservative tendencies.

Generations living in the Internet, trying to emphasize their masculinity somehow, begin to try on the costume of a gentleman with neat hair, crisp clean lines and well-groomed stubble or beard.

2. The position of the barbershop «20/15»

Sensible idea from Alexander Kataev of Moscow of barbershop «20/15»that is difficult to disagree.

The priorities will remain unchanged: first place, men’s classic – clear, technically correct haircut that will always be focused all the existing barbershop.

If we talk about the beard, definitely the peak of fashion for it has passed. But this has its obvious advantages: the barbershop will remain the men who beard it really suits you. If the image of the bearded man as comfortable as possible for her husband, for it is not a fleeting fashion, but a lifestyle.And here we breathe a sigh of relief because a beard can be worn by not blaming yourself that you have been seduced by the brutish machine pop industry. So, in fact, should be. You wear a beard, not because it’s cool and youth, but because you like it, you can’t imagine yourself without it. Also agree with Alexander that not all guys looks good in a beard. Wearing a beard is a conversation about human identity.

3. «Dude» and his haircut

A large number of barbershop is not always about the quality of services provided. The task of any artist is to reveal the inner potential of the client, to emphasize their individuality, and not to put on the thread and blindly follow the fashion trends. About modern trends come 2016 we told one of the creators of barbershop «Dude», Stepan akentev.

To understand how cool this is, you first need to understand that’s not cool. And let’s start with hairstyles, wet hair «hedgehogs» needles. Man, today is not the 90s, stop it! On the fringe and forelock also forget. And in General, any bangs rarely adorns a man’s face, which shape must be square, slightly elongated. Crest this effect resolves.Oh well about the past. And so it is clear that you have to impress the person stable and strong. And this hairstyle you can become either a friend or foe. Let’s talk about friends.

We can distinguish 5 main haircuts that will be or will remain relevant in 2016:

«Mr. cool» haircut cut over the entire head of hair according to the cascade principle. This haircut is executed at any length, ranging from 7 centimeters. So if you’re a long-haired, this option is for you. This is a very universal theme, because it allows you to do as a «hooligan» installation, so pathetic, «Rockefeller». Besides, the hairstyle is good simple.

«Brit» – a haircut with extended, precisely cut top and shorter sides and back of the head. The transition between the top and the sides should be slightly flattened. This haircut is worn under the touch of carelessness, hair should look crumpled and shredded.

Grown «Undercut» – short Nude or whiskey and neck, the upper part is more elongated than the previous version. Typically, these haircuts suit the guys wear a beard.

«Polka+Poluboks» – top-style «polka», a whisky and a nape – «poluboks». In this case, the sides transition from one hairstyle to another must be sudden. This haircut looks perfect styling in retro style.

«Sleek retro» – it is based on the familiar «Mr. cool». Mandatory condition – the presence of clear, perfectly smooth parting, which for this purpose probivaet razor.

Of course, to choose a haircut is difficult, and here will help you master. It will determine the shape of your head and hair structure, you will find the best options and help you with the application technology. Everything should be simple and match your style.

4. Forecast from BARBERHERMAN & CO

In the opinion of the team Barberherman & Co, trend of men’s «grooming» of 2016 will be forced to consider the main feature of our age – lack of time and dynamism.

Yes, of course, we have been creating creative collections, we are not afraid of their professional fantasies, the benefit that we have all the conditions. But we are well aware that before modern man first and foremost are the tasks that mean exactly «gentlemanly» basis: comfort, simplicity of the image, minimizing the time required to devote to their appearance.

Guests Barberherman & Co prefer classical school «grooming» of any creativity, as they go with time, it should be noted, from the modern man requires action, not boast. So 2016 we are pleased to dedicate a short, dynamic haircuts that do not require complex shapes, but require shampooing (which is necessary to everyone! smile) and shelf presence of gentleman one of the universal banks on all occasions.

So, 2016 male year is a short haircut, clean, wiped the back of his head, a clear whiskey and an outdoor, rough forehead and no bangs and long hair, in other words, a short, dynamic form of haircuts.

Herman Vinokurov (founder Barberherman & CO) –

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