How to cultivate a taste for good literature

And we continue our journey into the world of good taste and self-improvement. We already wrote about taste in music, and we are very pleased with the increased attention to this article and lots of comments.

But if music be the dark area and the very distinctive, strongly depends on the taste and lifestyle of the patient, the literature is somewhat easier. Here is more revered canons and classics, and I read not all. Those who believe that reading books is a waste of time, we even will not touch, we feel sorry for you. And others suffering, entangled in the mazes of cheap fiction, we will try to help and give to understand that there is good taste in literature, and what books are Ksenia Borodina.

For that fight

Let’s first define why this is the flavour to develop? It would seem, read got, the filter information. The more books you read, the better! But not quite, not exactly for everyone, because not all brains are able to filter information reaching the brain. Most of the «bookworms» – deep reflectors of personality, totally unsuited to life. Head in the clouds, believe that the world is unfair, and dream of leaving nurses to war for the sake of sharp creative impressions (supposedly not to be constantly under fire and to get an impression). Literature is a dangerous tool that can make a sane person generously soaked in urine cloth. If after reading «the Gadfly» do you want to be shot in a white shirt, probably you need to see a doctor. The books have to do metered. Moreover, the reading is time-consuming, so it is necessary to develop ways of recognizing a good book.

And let’s not forget about such things as erudition and intellect pumped through the great and terrible literature.


To develop good taste in literature, it is necessary to read poetry.

– Joseph Brodsky –was right Joey? Of course, right. Now try to explain why you should read poetry. Here is how Brodsky argued his words.

The fact that, as the highest form of human speech, poetry is not only the most concise but also the most condensed way to transfer the human experience; it also offers the highest possible standards for any linguistic action especially on paper.

The more we read poetry, the less tolerant we become to the verbosity of any kind, whether political or philosophical speeches, in history, the social Sciences or literature.If you simplify the language «not out of the room», that poetry makes one appreciate every word, every letter. So don’t be surprised if terrible boring part of Hugo and gloomy lulling moans Dostoevsky did not seem to digest food for the brain. In such moments you start to appreciate the author for the skill of presentation, not for the number of written pages. Therefore, Sergei donatovich Dovlatov, with his short sentences, so loved by the intelligentsia. Because he wanted to write a stylish and simple – it has happened.

The writer must write interesting. Some embark on a crazy journey through adjectives and metaphors, making them succinct and rude, like Palahniuk, or fancy, like the Russian classics. Others prefer to shoot from the hip and spread the prose of life like Irwin Shaw. Not to be confused with Bernard. Irwin worthy of no less attention than his more famous namesake. This is a typical fiction of the 60s, with a bitter taste of reality and failure.

How to read

Now remember the beginning of our discussion: the excess of literature is not useful to everyone. Someone reads and draws from her grain, smart quotes, not trying to live the life of the protagonist, and someone on the contrary. But anyway, I’ll have to read, relying on primitive lists of the best literature and the advice of friends. You need to be disappointed in Martinis and Tolkien, to make sure that Kuprin is worthy of no less attention than the same Dostoevsky. If you’re a nature impressionable, or too impulsive, it is better not to read the work after the first few hundred pages.

To save time, so to speak. Well, you’re going to cram a fiction, like a stone in the grinder, and at the output will be what? A complete aversion to literature. Moreover, it is important to read everything from classics to modern fiction to find himself in the novels of Douglas Coupland or to understand the absurdity of modern philosophers. You need to read journalism at least for their own development. God bless him, even dubious biography Roma Beast and his like have the right to read. The book should leave an imprint, to make people think. If brains all right, make the right conclusions. The book, of course, teaches to think, but if the body dissent with education and head, then nothing will help.

There is no bad literature

Read, choosing the close and interesting. There is no bad literature, it is wrong perception. Russian writers have not called you to suffer, you don’t understand. Solzhenitsyn, as if he deserved condemnation and oblivion, did not write about the hatred of the Soviet Union, but about the person and the system. You don’t necessarily like Jack London and Scott Fitzgerald, you must have its advantages, you don’t have to go on about the crowd. But reading and flipping through genius, finding a favorite genre and direction, studying the works of less known authors, you will create the taste that will let you know what is good and what is Sergey Minaev. Even in the series there are good detectives, at times better internal polemics and «diggings» lion Feuchtwanger. Not as disgusting, but Dasha Vasilyeva the more instructive, than in the «Generone». But just concentrate on the primitive literature of sin, which is worse than just get in the way «Pervak» with coke. Yes, we said that there should be favorite genres, but focus on one thing, especially at such a low consumer goods, is a direct road to literary bad taste.

Well happy to periodically share their tastes and preferences in literature.

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