How to criticize your boss and keep my job, conflict of points of view between superior and subordinate is the usual thing even in a great team, with the wise and kind chief. Work is work, and many things here you just can’t let things slide: they need to be discussed, perhaps, to voice their discontent. But before I make some critical remarks about the boss, take a breath, exhale and read our tips.

1. Talk alone

Criticism of the leader, voiced with all the team, may be perceived as an attempt to undermine the authority of the chief, even if you have never been anything like it. Show some respect, ask the audience one on one. In addition, so you will understand the boss that the conversation was serious.

2. Use facts

Avoid value judgments, and instead operates facts and figures. Don’t say: «this decision is short-sighted,» expressed his lack of foresight with the help of graphs, for example.

3. Prepare for the conversation

To avoid an awkward silence, incoherent and unconvincing language, prepare for the conversation. Find required to confirm your position information (see paragraph 2), sketched out the outline of the speech. Only a small percentage of people able to speak clearly and convincingly without preparation. If you are not lucky to be born orator, will have to prepare for the conversation.

4. Be nice

Sounds pretty naive, right? However, jokes aside, always remember who you’re talking to. Your boss is the person responsible for providing you with a livelihood. If you still want this job, talk to the Manager calmly and kindly, as if you were dealing with high-strung a sick child.

5. Use humor

But with one caveat – unless you really know how to joke. Depending on how formalised your relationship with the leadership in your company, you can prevent your criticizing language from one to three or four jokes. A joke will help to remove tension from the discussion, possibly painful issues, thus you will diffuse the situation. Just do not overdo it – otherwise you risk to look like a clown. And, please, think over how and what can be a joke, but what joke is just not worth it.

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