How to create a goal and successfully achieve it

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_5eGmtjLA89xyIIn many failed (or consider themselves such) people have serious problems with goals in life.

Who doesn’t have any big dreams or even the mundane desire to achieve something because you don’t know what really wants. Someone , his goal is actually not his, but imposed by outside forces — parents, for example. It also happens that someone from the family of people striving hard to prove that your goal of «wrong», thereby depriving you of any desires. Some provide their goals after half way to their achievement, because they lack self discipline, and the way seems too difficult.

Not to wallow in the abyss of meaningless existence, we will tell you how to be and what to do to acquire their own dream and to achieve its implementation.

1. The perfect sign for your future life

Do not be lazy to describe everything in detail, in detail, pay attention to detail. Can even draw their dream. As soon as you lock it all down on paper, the goal will be clear. No matter how the current situation is close to what you described. When you decided on a goal, work to achieve it will become easier.

2. Determine which set of knowledge and skills necessary for translating your dreams into reality

Not necessarily the way that you need to undergo an expensive course at a prestigious University. We live in the era of domination of information technologies. Today you can obtain the necessary education without even leaving the couch. The main thing — to want it to.

3. We define the long-term goal

Narrow it: for example, if your goal is to become an expert in Internet marketing from scratch, your long-term goal may be to attract a certain number of regular customers.

4. Began the task smaller

— daily or weekly, which would work to achieve big long term goals.

And don’t worry, if in the course of solving small tasks your long-term goal is modified. This is a natural process. Time goes by, you’re not standing still, your plans transformirovalsya — on your own or at the behest of the circumstances. Not scary if you have not achieved what we planned. Think of it not as destruction, but as one of the stages, the step on which to rise, to move on.

5. Understand that in itself the pursuit of goals, the desire to achieve it is important not less, than the process of achieving

Chase away the apathy. Your desires, dreams, plans — this is what distinguishes you, a living person, from vegetable.

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