How to create a Christmas mood

We all love the New year, even those who think that it is strange to celebrate a new year. Anyway, this holiday love. That’s just more and more often we hear the phrase «I do not feel the approach of the holiday.» It is clear, the adverse situation in the world: terrorism, the crisis, and you grow up and realize that miracles in life are becoming less and harsh realities and disappointments more and more. And if for some Christmas mood comes with the first snow, then, for example, in the southern region in the best case it will rain, and are often Sunny days that they forget all about the winter, not so much about this winter holiday as New year.

But the holidays for this to distract from problems and everyday routine and relax and have fun. So don’t be so boring – make yourself a Christmas mood, and as always, please give some advice.


We live in an era when Christmas mood is imposed on us by the TV. Since the beginning of the 90s we’re waiting for Kevin’ll stay alone at home. First in Chicago, then in new York. Don’t have to watch «Carnival night», you can even watch «the Grinch», «Christmas story» or very very sad «a New Christmas tale» on motives of gloomy Dickensian story about Scrooge. God bless him, even «Real love» sets the right conifer-Daisy mood. Someone has their films. For example, we traditionally review Lord of the rings, eating tangerines.

If even after this «holiday comes», always go for the heavy artillery – a hell of a party with sparklers on the bones of common sense. New Blue light on shabalovke. There all our: Eugene Vaganych, Guberniev, Nikolai Baskov, Yuri Askarov and Nadezhda Babkina. Your traditional company on new year’s eve. Get used to it.


If nobody pleases, to please himself. Sensual and impulsive, selfless as you like. We are talking about gifts. If working the traditional bustle of the end of the calendar year do not leave the desire to view the films, go to the store and buy myself a nice gift, something you wanted, and know that no you’re not. After all, New year is first and foremost a gift. So it’s not about the socks and not the razor. And clowns passing by storefronts, shopping center, can be great to compensate for the missing charge of the atmosphere. Even a trip to Auchan for food on the holiday table can provide the missing charge of magic, forgotten in childhood.

Hiking and walking

And now a closer look at public places. No one creates a festive atmosphere better marketers. As you know, even Primorsko-Ahtarsk is decorated with garlands. Therefore, more walk. Go to the movies, in shopping malls, just walk through the main streets and cafes. Even a festive tree in the lobby of the theater will remind you that a holiday on the nose, after all. But that doesn’t mean you have to go to the Christmas performance «the Incredible adventures of Angela Fox and Gulnara in search of a Maiden», and «Seagull» to see.

Christmas decor

If the public spaces you delight your festive elegance, why not decorate your home? Why not put the Christmas tree early and not to decorate their homes accordingly? Although hanging tinsel is boring. Show more fantasy. For example, themed Christmas sticker. (In the words of Kenny «to lay low in Bruges»: «everything Here is like in a fucking fairytale.») Stickers and really atmospheric, like illustrations from old books. Santa Claus, reindeer, penguins or symbol, the monkey – your choice.

Put the Christmas tree

Put the Christmas tree earlier put the tangerines in a vase. Pine-tangerine flavor is already 50% closer to the holiday. Just do not forget that the tree needs to dress up. If in a secret box hiding glass toys Soviet production, congratulations. If boring Chinese balls, catch a hint from our designer, how to decorate a pine tree and their homes.

DIY, with their Golden hands and a bullet (or rather cubes) of paper with heroes of the era: Homer Simpson, king Kong, Chewbacca, Santa Claus, your favorite logo well, and the monk Lebowski. To make them a little harder than changing a light bulb. But, hanging at dwelling, intelligently placed between the bottles of Jack Daniels, placing where you need stickers, you will feel a burning desire to write a letter to Santa Claus and to organize the celebration as soon as possible.


Remember the movies where without music. There are many Christmas songs that can immerse into the atmosphere. Christmas carols of the Russian Orthodox Church it is better not to listen, they create a different atmosphere. But Catholic songs associated with Christmas trees and gifts.

So, in the course can go not only songs about the Christmas tree or Christmas heavy metal album Christopher Lee, but even the hits of the group «Butyrka», under which you danced in a past new year’s eve. Any song regardless of genre that steadfastly you have been associated with celebration, is perfect. My friend has a habit to listen to the Stone Roses to set the mood. Just a habit from early childhood. For him these songs as viagra for pensioners: without them no holiday.

Many of the local Philharmonic orchestras and ensembles performing Christmas melodies. Stairs, the musicians will be pleased and happy for your attention, and you will hear organic live music, sets the right tone for the coming days.

If such hits are not there, and in the Philharmonic quote exclusively folk songs, I recommend listening to the Christmas concert of sting in Dramsko the Cathedral or any of Blackmore’s Night. Magical harmony and melody of acoustic instruments literally carry you into the tale. It’s something magical.

Food and drinks

Well, of course, snack. Eat tangerines, drink warm, pure new year’s drinks. Not vodka, not beer, but only the mulled wine, champagne and cocktails, just in reasonable quantities, otherwise, you know, there will be a celebration of rejection by the body.


And finally, I want to give you advice. Each of us is deeply entrenched in the brain, memories, associations. We talked about this in the paragraphs about the music and movies, but is not limited to this.

Fill the fridge and not touch them, that was, as a child, when my mother shouting: «don’t touch it!» – snatched from the clutches in store for the holiday table sausage. Visit memorable places, do those rituals that are sure to cause in the mind of the memories of tale.

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