How to cope with depression

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_SCYagkV0ubvjkFor many people in our newsroom, the death of the wonderful actor and comedian, winner of the Oscar, Robin Williams, was shocking news. «This is a tragic and sudden loss. He has battled severe depression in recent times,» says the official statement.

Wealth, fame and universal recognition did not help the person with such an acute perception of the world, to cope with depression (and what to speak of ordinary guys without wealth and recognition?).

At the moment, depression is not perceived in our mentality, as the whim of a bored mind («Go to work!», «Take yourself and have no time to think about the bad!»). It really is a disgusting condition that can affect anyone man and go in severe mental illness, a toxic life.

If you feel like your boredom is becoming a darker silhouette, and chilled out with a beer with friends no longer helps, you need to act, not to allow depression to take you.

We, men do not tend to delve into his rich inner world and we don’t always realize when our emotions fail. Maybe the loss of enthusiasm about your favourite cases and the strong reluctance to get out of bed in the morning, it is not only a sign of laziness.

Every man can feel depressed from time to time. Your sadness can be mild and short, and is associated with certain negative moments in life, and can last for a long time, interfere with work, relationships and private well-being, in the first place.

Recognition of the problem is the first step to solving it!

But be warned, if you have all the colors represent, how they will cry at your funeral, relatives and friends or acquainted with the pharmaceutical market, you need professional help. Sickly and need the courage to ask for help when you really need it.

Otherwise, read the tips that can help you cope with depression and mood in style a Blues.

1.Take care of your body

Eat regularly healthy food to keep your body in optimal mode of intensity. Dude, you don’t drive your car without gasoline? Your body also requires sufficient quantities of quality fuel. Reduce the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Observe «anti-stress diet at least a week, and it will give the desired result. Actively lean on citrus, bananas and chocolate, these foods high level of serotonin-the hormone of happiness. Nuts, vegetables of orange and red flowers, a source of vitamins a, b and C) should always be in your fridge. Like fish, contains almost all vitamins of group B.

2. Train

Sweat in the gym at least several times a week.

Also on the psychological health benefits of running, pull-UPS, and exercise bikes. Time and again it has been proved that during exercise the body begins to produce hormones of happiness — endorphins, which are responsible for positive attitude person.

The sports hall will remove all the negative energy that had accumulated for a day, and exercise will lift your mood, increase blood flow and the production of the right chemicals in the body. And, of course, this will improve your self-esteem.

3. Sleep

Maybe it’s not depression. Perhaps the reason of depression is that you stick to late nights on social networks (and you know how the Internet plunges into depression), and sleep four hours a day.

4. Bring your thoughts in order

Make time for a mental break. Even in hard mode non-stop. Try to distract yourself. Do not have to master the meditation, just close your eyes for at least ten minutes, and just listen to your breath.

5. Fix the flow of your consciousness

Find the time to write down what’s bothering you, and then rewrite the most hopeless of them, in a more realistic manner. Balance your thoughts, manifestations, what fears are unfounded, and what can you do if your worst fears will come true. No need to panic, and thinking of the cold a sober head. Thus, you consciously ready for any eventuality that may happen to you, but, most likely, will not take place. After all, you consider any types of events.

6. Action actively

Depression can worsen or be caused by inactivity. So pull your ass off the couch, you need to leave the room, you’re not Brodsky! And to do what you’ve always wanted, but was shelved. Take part in the Cycling marathon, sing loudly to your favorite song, dance, kick belly at your favorite restaurant, put things in order in the folders of your computer, get your own blog, anything, just not sitting sluggish small in loneliness and to think that your whole life is a combination of despair and decay. It’s time to prove that a real man will never give up in the face of depression!

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