How to cope with a job you don’t want to do

Porada.kom.ua_10.12.2014_8Gc7yKiBs3lx5Suppose we determine that you have the worst job in the world, nevertheless, you don’t need the option to cut bait and search for a new one. But this does not mean that we should lay down arms and surrender to the mercy of fate, which you regularly cursed, angrily shaking his fists. Never, under any circumstances, don’t let yourself become a victim. And we’d be happy to help, if not, then at least advice.

1. Change our point of view

This item occupies the first place. Do you think that doing a job that is beneath you? Or maybe you don’t like your boss, and it was this antipathy you justify its doing work? But how do you do something — you do everything. If you’re not working hard enough in any one sphere of its activity, it is likely that, in all other you also find excuses to justify their failures. Good habits are formed by what we don’t like but have to do, thus helping to become a reliable man in all paragraphs.

2. Arrange negotiations

An unhappy employee is a bad for anyone. And in fact, the likelihood that your boss is Satan in a tie, which sent into the office to ruin your life, is extremely small. Most likely, you just don’t agree on a personal level. Are you overwhelmed? Dissatisfied with the salary? Dude, what language to you? Definitely not to lick the bosses ‘ ass, and to designate face-to-face and talk about the changes of working conditions, to prepare for this conversation in advance, with the trumps and strong case on hand.

3. Find what you like about your job

Cling to any little thing that brings you joy during the working time. Even if it’s just lunch in the stunning dining room, which serves excellent soup and kebab. Because this time, like an oasis in the desert, and every day you have to look forward to! This may relate to the work itself. Find the sphere where your talents will find their application. You think you’re cool speaker and a leader? Arrange new year party! Click hundred of chest? Motivate fat ass colleagues on exercises-five minutes! Like easier to pull off if you work in a creative field: offer your ideas, things you find interesting yourself. Maybe your actions and will be built on a voluntary basis, but if you even remotely going to do what you like, this will no doubt reconcile you with the harsh reality.

4. At the end of each working day or week don’t forget to please

Type what you are looking for the positive side, they don’t forget to bring a little joy after finishing your daily labor feats. Almost every day, depends on the depth and fullness of your wallet or ideas. But at the end of the week is a must. Go to the movies, the skating rink, buy yourself some new clothes, read a great book, buy a huge Cup of fragrant cappuccino and cookies while we stamp from the subway to work. Dude, because it’s not so bad!

5. Decorate your workspace

Perhaps this sounds like a hackneyed and rather superficial advice, but many studies have shown that a suitable working space can affect mood and level of job satisfaction. First deal with the physical component. You’re comfortable at your Desk? In that chair? Enough space for all your paperwork, entries and folders? There are on the computer all you need programs? Look around and put a tick in your mind that you’d like to add. Try to talk about it with the boss or fork himself. In any case, cool office chair, moderately soft, moderately hard, with a perfect «back» is useful to you in the future when you will go out of the office shouting: «see you later, losers! I quit!» The second component is emotional. If you put in a grey-white box, razbaby this interior with bright colors. Put on the table of backtrace Griffin, framed photo, where you drink Tequila from the navel of a stripper, hang up the calendar. Perhaps that’s a humpback: to make the dough for all sorts of epic fun! And that’s another motivation right in front of your nose. You spend 40+ hours marked this territory as his own.

6. Every day make one step towards your dream job

If you’re unhappy in your job, you probably already have an idea of what I wanted to do. Slowly and surely move you in the right direction. Dream about your business? Start reading specialized books or sign up in the day to some lecture, the benefit of this information is freely available enough. Read at least one Chapter a day, spend time looking for the right contacts. Don’t think about everything at once. Remember that a great journey begins with the first step. This will help you to realize that your current situation is temporary and there is perspective.

7. Analyze your entire day

We tend to think that work is only one aspect of our lives. In fact, every element of the system affect the functioning of other elements. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, in the morning you understandably be in a bad mood and the General state of nothing. If you eat properly, you do not have enough strength to pick up the slack hands. Don’t dismember the integrity of proper diet, exercise and sound sleep can significantly increase your energy, and the ability to twist the gray days of the RAM’s horn. Do not eat your lunch at your working place, take a walk in the fresh air, spend your dining time. Ideally, try to carve out 15 minutes in the morning and a little after lunch. Why are smokers allowed to spend time on the destruction of its lungs, and it is the same time drinking tea, holding a good book? Be physically active as often as possible, it will provide you a great reboot of the brain.

8. Get a magazine thanks

If you’re on the verge of boiling point, the urgent need to balance negative thoughts with positive. Take gratitude as an ambulance against your displeasure and irritation. It is only at first glance, it seems nonsense, but in fact, gratitude is a powerful light feeling, like a searchlight, able to dispel the dark thoughts. Write down what part gave you that day? You put a double batch of sour cream in the same soup? The head sneezed, and his nose was snotty off the bubble, and it made you laugh? Well, you just feel gratitude in a more global way: you are healthy, well-fed, have a roof over my head and good friends… Perhaps such a list will help to expose your shitty day in the best light.

9. Socialize with people you like

Even if you don’t like your job, find the time to develop relationships with those people that you are cute. You don’t have to be best friends, have a friend-a colleague – a pretty good way to brighten their gloom. Simple chatter during lunch breaks or coffee after work – the little things you do are much more tolerant and happy person.

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