How to cook the perfect fried egg

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_whAhXVVFJAXgGIn our humble opinion, familiarity with sharp, rich and nutritious Spanish food starts with a simple egg or Asturian fabada. Like how to cook a fried egg other than just smash and throw in the pan? But no, there are ways that make the eggs tastier and juicier. And we’re not talking about adding any spices or bacon. We are talking about egg and small portions of fancy.

The Spaniards — amazing people, good-natured, but able to fend for themselves. They didn’t have foie Gras when they defended Iberian Peninsula, but they had eggs, fried eggs. And that’s how they prepared them.


— A pinch of salt;

— Eggs (try to find the category S0);

— Olive oil (potratila good — it’s worth it);

— Butter.


First thing is to break the eggs. You probably did so — took the egg and smashed it on the edge of the bowl or pan, and maybe even a knife. The Spaniards don’t do that, because the shell (covered with bacteria) gets into the egg, and the yolk may be deformed, and we need beautiful and solid yolk. So next time, hit the egg on a flat surface, and then use your hands to divide it into two parts. A little practice and learn how to crack eggs like a real Madrid Executive chef.

1. Begin cooking. First take a pan and put it on the plate, which is adjusted to a low temperature. Pour into the pan with olive oil. You must create a small pool of oil in 5 millimeters tall. At the same oil can then cook their steak not to spend it just for the eggs.

2. Break the eggs into a bowl, sprinkle with salt. Don’t break the eggs directly into the pan. Need separate dishes so that the eggs are heated up and subsequently roasted evenly. Besides, you prevent the eggshell itself on a plate.

3. Fry the eggs until the protein will not rise with bubbles. Be careful — at this stage the oil can get in your eyes. Add a little butter and cover the pan with a lid. Eggs trapped in the thermal trap wet oil rises and forms a vapor, which is involved in the cooking top of the yolk.

5. Take off fire as soon as the yolks begin to be covered by a light layer of egg whites. Place the eggs on a paper towel to rid of excess oil.

6. Take a plate and served with the usual bread (you can also fry). If the yolks have just started to curl, but remained liquid inside, then you did everything right.

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