How to cook on the grill: tips for beginners

Since Neolithic times men’s responsibilities grow and grow. Every strong male should be able to replace the engine oil and pokleit Wallpaper as evenly as possible, and that’s not counting sacred duties like «build a house» and so-forth. Reviewing the list, any smart guy can scream about injustice and the antics of feminism, but here’s the thing — we really should know about such things. Today it is a vital skills that help if not every day, then one will certainly need. You can call it a kind of fee for what we are — men.

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2016_EdyYTIq8PDnESAnyway, most of these skills reflect only faced with the problem itself. If a friend offered you this weekend to go to the country and fry meat in between relaxing in the bath and no less enjoyable, then it’s time to think about how to do it and how to do it right. For any country party man at the grill or grill enjoys real respect, because it is large, even sacred responsibility. Screwed up with the cooking, and the end of your reputation — before this ritual you will not be allowed, and accusations and resentment that will haunt you forever. Well, okay, we overdid it, do not worry and carefully memorize one of the most important steps in your life.

The first is to understand what «tool» you have to «play» cooking «composition». There is an important fundamental difference between the traditional and modern barbecue grill, directly affects the cooking process is finished. This simple detail makes the installation of a BBQ is absolutely weatherproof and gives it the functions of the oven. Besides, many times used the grill does not get dirty hands, it’s not a chore to assemble-disassemble, and it looks clearly better, in fact, as any thing that came from the West.Yes, it was there in the postwar years, the tradition of barbecue. The word, incidentally, sounds very French, but this is because many African Americans were still a few decades ago in slavery, spoke French (the colony on a hot mainland belonged not only because of England) and a new «genre» of cooking was called differently — barbe a queue, meaning «from meat to tail». A word reinterpreted white Americans, and now the whole world says so, and not otherwise.

1. A good grill

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_yjvPhWGM2zAD2Logically — without it, you just do not get to grill meat. First of all make sure this thing has air holes for regulating the temperature of hot coals. But the most important material, because it depends on the quality of your future cooking. Stainless steel and a good thickness — this is a good grill. And, of course, the brand that is important, because the grill — the best male thing in the world, and she ought to have your title. One of the leaders in this field for more than half a century — since 1952 — is an American manufacturer Weber. In fact, it products, and other settings for the barbecue can be found in the online shop «American grills» — it is simply a huge choice between coal, gas and electric variants, and at the same time has all the right accessories.

2. The perfect meat

Sacred, on which depends the whole further process. Since you’re a beginner, the ideal option would be a young chilled pork. As long as it is not subjected to repeated freeze: you can check just by clicking on it — if freezing primary, the hole will disappear quickly and will stain from your finger. Meat in any case should not be excess fluids like blood and mucus, and its age should not reach retirement. And, of course, the color should be rich and bright and fresh smell are all indicators of good quality.

3. The appropriate marinade

Not less important procedure, because even if the meat is not premium quality, the marinade all save — it makes the pieces more soft and juicy. It’s a subtle thing, for everybody, because the diversity of «gravy» rather widely. Basis can become as alcohol like beer, brandy or wine (in the process not ustavi to remind myself that it’s for meat!), and orange juice or pomegranate. In addition to this the soy sauce and wine vinegar. It is advisable to marinate the pork for several hours — that is, you take and marinate, at least in a plastic bag, but not the aluminum pan, otherwise you’ll lose the taste. Cut the meat into small pieces across the grain and go for it.

4. Fuel

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_pNQkLOLwTOAtVIf you have a choice between wood and coal briquettes, we would advise the latter because they are similar in shape and size — not the most important trifle, but pleasant. To construct of them a pyramid, which fills 70 percent of all containers and put a few balls in paraffin, and then set fire to it. When the hearth will be heated, transfers the embers with tongs extreme to the middle, so they broke out. When they all have to be flame-bright and covered with ashes, you can proceed to the main point. And in any case do not use lighter fluid: no one really do not appreciate the taste of gasoline.

5. The process

Porada.kom.ua_22.11.2016_ERwDLqv5YMdgfActually there is nothing complicated — all the tricky behind. Before you put the meat on the grill, RUB it with vegetable oil, and the product itself let me lie down at room temperature. Putting the pieces don’t move them until the surface appears brown stripes from the grill. Only then turn them with a spatula — quickly and without unnecessary movements. It is desirable for best flavor, sprinkle ground black pepper coarse ground or sea salt — be careful not to overdo it because of the spices, sun still absorb fire. Most importantly, keep the fire burning: if it is too strong — no need to splash water. Just to think about a uniform distribution of coal, no problem, but if anything, it is allowable to move the piece, which sparked the fire.

6. «Can you hurry?»

To determine the readiness of meat can only be received the first experience (and after him the second, third and so on). For the first time, we strongly recommend you to buy a special thermometer that determines the temperature inside. Ideal indicators 68-71°C. In principle, you will see that overcooked meat when it’s reduced in size and lose their tenderness, but it will be too late. Some «artisans» to pierce it to see the juice, but to do it categorically it is impossible, because the liquid will quickly evaporate in large numbers, leaving the meat dry fiber. When I take it off the grill, let it brew for about five minutes, and then put it back into the arms of the grill for 30 seconds — so pork will be more appetizing and burning. And don’t forget to clean to play, otherwise it will be like in the case of a plate under of buckwheat. It will take the strength of ten minutes, but will save you from hours of misery the next day.

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