How to cook in clay

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2014_ANoNEySSjgISMToday we will tell you how to cook in clay. This method is used from very ancient times, some say, so once baked game for the Vikings. It is believed that this method was used by the nomadic tribes and hunters in the campaigns.

Why do you know this method of cooking food. Yes, because he will bring you back many centuries and awaken in you all your natural instincts of a true hunter (not odicy at all). It is also a way to diversify your menu when you go, for example with friends in the woods, not all the time, to fry shish kebabs.

To prepare the fish/game

In the classic version of cooking is or game or fish. Special gourmets can cook this way vegetables. The easiest way to cook fish. Why easier? Because for cooking we will need raw fish or poultry. How do you not get plucked bird in our days it is pretty hard to find, of course you can go to the nearest village and ask a pretty toothless Granny to bring you the goose. She easily chopped his head off for a nominal fee and everything will be fine. And you can go easier way to cook fish. You can either catch yourself or buy in the nearest supermarket. Not so brutal, but it may be that you need the size, not Milusha.

Find the right clay

This can cause problems. If you’re going to be away from quarries, rivers or lakes, a great chance to find the clay you will not be so easy. Take care of this in advance. You can find clay in the field developments in the country or, as described above, in the quarries and lakes. But to find the clay that’s half the trouble. You need a clay that will withstand the temperature of the coal and not crumble immediately after drying. You can roll small balls of clay and throw them in the coal. If everything is fine and they strode down soon, and have just started to crack — you can proceed to the next step.

Right to kindle a fire

We already wrote about how the kindle fit the fire, so you can handle it easily and quickly. But before you make a fire, you need to dig a hole about 20-30 cm deep (masonry type home «Polynesian» is ideal for such purposes as fire immediately erupted in the pit). So it will be easier to fill meat or fish in the clay coal. In the pit you can put rocks that will hold heat if you’re going to cook the bird. For cooking fish stones, put not required.

Build up the fire and wait until it burns out, leaving hot coals.


Before cooking it is necessary to cut the carcass. The bird need to cut off the head, leaving almost no neck. It is also necessary to remove the wings or pluck feathers because the wings of the meat quite a bit, and to prepare through the feathers on them, the bird will be long enough and can burn in some places. Fish or gutting the bird, RUB salt and pepper inside. If you’re taking the spices — feel free to leave them in (some even mixing inside the bird). After marinating sew up the carcass back. Of course you can not sew, but this is not the recipe.

To make the clay «doll»

Now the most interesting. You have coal, clay and divided the meat. What to do with it? Now you take the carcass and cover with clay is not very thick, 1-2 inches is enough. For large birds can use a little more clay. Don’t forget to get clay under the feathers. If you still strongly want to cook the bird and not able to find niewiadow — wrap it with gauze and then with clay. Clay «doll» with fish it is better to wrap the large leaves. Yes, the temperature will be slightly lower, although this is not necessary.


Laying and waiting

Raking the charcoal and put them in the «doll». If you cook the bird on top of kindle a small fire. So you would maintain the heat of the coals and at the same time have time to brew tea, because you’ll have to wait a long time. The bird is prepared for 1.5 — 2 hours, or an hour, if the little bird.

For fish it’s much faster (of course it all depends on the size of the fish). About 15-20 minutes on medium fish. Closer to cooked meals, the clay begins to crackle. This will be the signal for readiness. Time to take out.

Cooled and served

As soon as I pull the dish from the fire — let it cool. Now splits a clay shell and clean the meat from the clay. If you did everything correctly and waited for the perfect time — scales or feathers almost everything goes together with clay and you’ll just the meat. If you’re a little nadodigal — you can always zagotoviti meat on the fire. So it will be more fried. If you overexpose and you have turned almost charcoal — do not worry. No one prepares this dish perfectly the first time.

Serve the meat with anything, our ancestors sprinkled the meat with ash (instead of salt) and eating well.

Now you know how to cook meat or fish in clay. Probably the only question that remains then — is this worth it? You know it when you do.

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