How to cook bacon

Men should know how to cook. We are not talking about pies and humazah, we’re talking about meat and fat, preferably cooked on an open fire and served with alcoholic drinks (i.e. whiskey and beer, no exceptions). And the first thing a man should learn how to cook bacon.

There are several acceptable ways to cook bacon. The best choice depends on what you have on hand and how lazy you are. If you want to taste the most delicious bacon in your life, make it in a cast iron skillet. If you’re lazy and just want to feel the aroma of bacon, bake in oven. If you’re in a hurry, use the microwave.

How to cook bacon in a cast iron skillet

This is the best way to cook bacon. Cast iron is manly. This pan breaks everything, on what lands, if it is lower, and it is not necessary to wash after use. Detergents are harmful iron — so think of bacon as washing the pan. Moreover, the cast-iron surface obtained with a delicious crispy bacon and the fat helps maintain the pan in good condition.

First, remove the bacon and let it warm to room temperature. This should be done with any meat, before cooking it — especially on the grill.


Put the bacon into a pan and heat on medium heat. Do not heat the pan before you put it in the bacon! You will want to do it, but a cast iron skillet does not heat empty. Besides, if you cook bacon at a low temperature, it is excreted more slowly and as a result, the food will taste better.


Periodically turn the bacon is the best way not to burn it.


Don’t pour the fat!


When the bacon is ready to you need the degree, get it from the pan and put on a paper towel. If you’re cooking several batches, you can turn the burner on the lowest temperature and leave the bacon to cool.




Why drain the fat? It’s not you cook bacon. It’s the bacon grease cooks bacon. Think about it: you can fry bacon in liquid bacon. If you pour the fat, the magic will disappear.

Finally, drain the bacon grease in a jar and keep in the fridge, then fry it something.


How to cook oven bacon

A cast iron pan on the stove is the best way, but it’s worth a try to cook bacon in the oven — if it’s, say, Breakfast, and you’re too lazy to stand at the stove. In this way, and it is moderately good bacon.

You will need either a cast-iron skillet or glass baking dish, or something where you can put the bacon. Do it and make sure the pieces do not climb on top of each other.


Put the form in the oven.

Heat it to 200 degrees and the fat starts to melt. Do not heat the oven before you put the bacon — a few extra minutes of cooking will kill the dish.

Mind your own business. Come back 20 minutes later and look what happened. Your eyes should stand such a sight: pieces of bacon drowning in grease. And again, not fat!


When the bacon is cooked according to your taste, put it on a paper towel. Fat dump in a jar and keeps.



How to cook bacon in the microwave

I hope if you choose this method, you’re late for work, but yet very man to leave the house without my daily serving of bacon. You only need to wait for 10 minutes and then race to where it is categorically impossible to miss (because it’s better to be late than bad to cook bacon).

Take a glass baking dish. The bottom lay a paper towel. In the previous methods, we stressed how important it is that bacon was swimming at my weight, but in the microwave all the way. It does not cook the bacon slowly and drain the fat.


Put the bacon bits into the form so that they do not overlap each other.


Cover the bacon with paper towel — this will prevent the inner surface of the microwave.


Nagreva bacon on high power for three minutes. Check if he’s ready. Microwave ovens are so different — the most favourable method of preparation you’ll find empirically.


Now grab the bacon and run. Eat it in the car on the way to work. Dream about how delicious the bacon you could eat, you get up a few minutes early.


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