How to control your emotions


Good afternoon. I’m 22 and I’m very emotional. Usually the girls ask the guys to show feelings. Well, I need the opposite, to be a man and learn to control yourself. Please suggest how to «reborn»?


Really want to get rid of the short answer is that with age it will pass. But, considering how emotional you get, God knows how you bounce such a response. May every day you come on hoping to finally get a plausible answer, and here’s a simple tip: «don’t worry, it will pass with age». So I have to throw laziness on the shoulders, and answer you in more detail.

All the people, with the exception of Dexter, one of our readers, and a couple of psychopaths, emotional. Teenagers and those who might not be teenagers anymore, but still not quite adults — especially emotional. To show their emotions and feelings — this is normal. Unless of course these emotions are going wild, like the guy in the picture above that weeps from the view of a beautiful sunset (or sunrise, can’t remember, need to watch «bedazzled»), then it is necessary to do something.

«To be reborn» not fully succeed. You can’t just flip a switch and become a different person, at least because there is still plays an important role in genetics, hormones and another set that we have no control. But to work on yourself, on your character — this is always commendable. Make yourself someone else, change yourself for the better is incredibly exciting.

The important thing is to understand why you need to change anything. Do you think that being emotional means not being a man? Or is it forced upon someone «the truth»? Deal with it. If you prevent your emotion and sensuality, then to put on a mask of severity and, as they say, you will have happiness.

If your emotional nature is helping you to conquer women’s hearts (and women do love when we are feeling, hell, they just tremble!), then why you change it?

To be a man — the concept is very conditional. You can be an emotional man, or emotionless rag. I hope you understand in what direction to move.

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