How to conquer the elements: Windsurfing

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_TpQGGeevEQSHQWe are sure that you are the person who loves not only to entertain, but also to spend time with benefits for your health and body. So the idea to tell you about an ambitious and exciting experience, but it seems very relevant. In the height of summer there is nothing better than to go to conquer the watery element, to tame the waves and to develop a sense of mobility and maneuverability. That is why today we will tell you about the Windsurfing, boards, sails and much more, associated with one of the most popular sports and leisure.

What is Windsurfing

Windsurfing (Windsurfing) — a type of active recreation and sport. It is small so-called Board sailing on the water. The main attributes of this form of entertainment is a Board made of light and floating material, and the sail. All the process coordination is controlled by the athlete and can be performed in several techniques, depending on the weather and the experience of the administrator.

Due to its entertainment, Windsurfing is very popular today and more and more people choose it as active and healthful recreation, as this is a great opportunity to improve at any stage.


The story of Windsurfing is associated with the name Newman Darby, who in young age was obsessed with the idea of conquering the elements. His first Board he designed in the 40-ies of the last century, and for many decades worked on the improvement of this floating structure. In 1964, Darby finally figured out how to work his invention, which later became the prototype of the modern boards. In a lifetime Darby was engaged in the development and sale of boards for Windsurfing, sail designing and developing new technology.

Another important step on the path to becoming a Windsurfing can be considered a figure of Jim Drake — a talented engineer, the main area of interest which was always the ambitious sport. Being an employee of the company Starboard, he contributed to the creation of the latest generation of race boards, standard «Formula».Holly Schweitzer — friend and companion of Drake brought Windsurfing to a new level, making it fun is a real sport, popular among the masses. He initiated mass production of boards for Windsurfing called «Windsurfer». And all is good, but the wood was still very cumbersome, what made difficult the movement at higher speeds, as long as Mike now began to actively participate in the competition, wanting to make radical changes in the Board design to make it smaller and lighter. Already in 1979, Windsurfing changes forever. The appearance of the Board a new format attracted a lot of people who are interested in this spectacular sport, manufacture and sale of equipment for athletes has increased significantly, and after a new direction in the sport, which was named — Wave.

At the turn of the 21st century small and wide boards were finally created and made riding the waves with minimal wind, one of the most common ways of entertainment.

In our country Windsurfing has already penetrated in the late 70’s, but of course was a luxury, as the Board and other attributes cost a lot of money. The relative popularity of Windsurfing in Russia brought him to becoming one of the Olympic sports. For such a case, the CSK of the Navy and has allocated funds for financing.

In the late ‘ 80s Windsurfing was popular among the so-called technical intelligentsia, in the face of ex-skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Today Windsurfing are also popular, both home and abroad, because there are no more problems with the acquisition of all necessary to conquer the waves, and the popularity of the sport continues unabated due to a large number of people interested in entertainment, will inspire on feats, and to maintain body, healthy spirit.

Places for Windsurfing in Russia

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_xVf2A5AUbVJBbToday Windsurfing everyone can, benefit locations for this amazing carrying out plenty of time and in the vast expanses of our Motherland. Options that fit individually to you that provide maximum leisure and comfort, you can find online. Go to comprehend Windsurfing can not only pros but beginners as the special programme will help the right approach to this issue, and the whole paraphernalia is available for rent.


manygoodtips.com_18.07.2016_enaXohE1a8NocIf you decided to try Windsurfing, then the easiest option is Strogino. Two stops on any of the available transport from the metro station » Schukinskaya will lead you to the only place in Moscow where you can really learn how to conquer the wind. Stroginskaya floodplain is a Windsurfing school that will help you to learn this sport safely, and most importantly, fast. This place is perfect for family holidays as there are taught not only adults but also children. In Strogino, you can not only learn surfing, but also relax after work for those who already knows how to ride: just come, take a broad and forward, to conquer the water spaces.

Saint Petersburg

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_N1LQBRqv2meExNorthern capital — one of the best places for Windsurfing. The most popular among windsurfers the spot is «Dune», which is in the area of the Karelian isthmus. Coniferous forests, the Gulf coast, a large sandy beach and a steady wind. All this makes this place perfect for those who finally decided to conquer the wave.Anapa

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_7jeXV6oq9KFNhIn the Krasnodar region as a place for surfing, you can choose Anapa, as it is the space of temperate, shallow water and a fairly strong wind. Each September in Anapa, the Congress passed the windsurfers Russia competition «Black Sea Cup», so there will be something to see and something to learn.

The sea of Azov

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_4b426aqxjbd7sFor more experienced windsurfers perfect location on the sea of Azov. Newcomers here should be careful, as very large waves, can turn into a serious danger. But for those who do not for the first time, in the Azov region will be where carousing.Baikal

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_UT6hDyLF6kDJAOne of the most popular spots for this type of holiday can be considered the Baikal lake. Posolsky SOR is available, windy, safe and beautiful place for surfing. Here you can not only show my experience of taming of the elements, but also to learn this art from the professionals. In this region you can experience different types of Windsurfing, due to the natural characteristics of the waters of lake Baikal: of driving fast and jumping in the calm part for easy slip.


manygoodtips.com_13.07.2016_YDm0KxrhRCvY5Before you embark on a fascinating comprehension of Windsurfing and learn to perform various tricks, you need to prepare well for the upcoming event. Well-chosen equipment and paraphernalia will help you to feel comfortable and, most importantly, will provide security during the final battle with the unruly waves.

1 Board studied our history, you probably already understand how important a quality Board for the windsurfer. Choosing it, you must consider several factors. One of them is location where you are going to perform your trick. How windy, how often do you plan to reach the coast. If you’re a beginner, you are best suited Board in length, three meters of durable plastic. It is not necessary to give preference to small boards to start with, so they do not pass the test of strength. A versatile option, which we’re advised has strength and suitable also for the more experienced athletes.

2 Sail

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_NSUNKC7za65lAThe sail should be sure to approach your Board and it also depends on the style, location and level of Windsurfing skill. And remember that in this case size is really important. For a start, good sail with an area of 5-6 square meters. If you overdo it with the choice of sail power, your power will go to his taming. Your style of riding should also be considered in the selection of this subject. Typically, manufacturers of sports paraphernalia indicates what skating technique will suit a particular sail, so pay attention to words such as freestyle, wave, race and so on.

3 Wetsuit

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_3owZRHjPyZvbtHaving the right gear — the success of any athlete. Do not neglect wetsuits, even if you plan to ride in the hottest season. Hypothermia occurs very quickly, even in warm water, you’ll be windswept. A quality wetsuit will help you not only to maintain body temperature, but the mobility on the Board.

4 a-Line

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_EO50kt02PQSQdSuch an important attribute, as a-line removes the extra load from the hands, providing a more maneuverable ride. This accessory must be purchased for more experienced windsurfers to not take it all the time on the car. But those who only make their first steps in this sport, just enough to know how, what and why.

In this article we helped the guys from the GS SPORT GROUP. Their enthusiasm and expertise in a variety of sporting events — a good reason to listen to their opinion. They know all about Windsurfing, so if you have any questions — tell them we recommend. Professionals will help you choose the right and it is your equipment, advise on the subject of the merchandise and make your dream to be a good windsurfer reality. And in order to cheer you up and motivate to conquer the elements, we offer you a promo code for a 10% discount —manygoodtips.com10.

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