How to conquer Instagram

In our days we share everything — thoughts, facts and images. Once people realized that from this we can capitalize on, and Instagram along with other social networks became a means of obtaining money, conversion of visitors to websites and banal advertising. If you have plans to get financial benefits from your account, we’ll give you a few recommendations.

1. Dare to be different

For the sake

Someone has calculated that since 1826, when the photography appeared, people have done more than 3.5 trillion photos. Ten percent of all of these photos were taken over the past year, and the fifth part of them now lives in social networks and sites created for photo sharing. In other words, your images have a lot of competitors, so you need to develop a strategy. For example, one of the most successful instagram users under the name missyhelly, in which about 45 000 subscribers abandoned the built-in filters. She puts pictures on your other filters and then puts them into a network and they carry the elusive stamp of individuality. It is necessary that in the pictures people can tell who is the.

2. Thoughtful world


To use the flash on your phone? It would be possible, but you can turn friends into red-eyed monsters. The solution is simple: take a piece of toilet paper and attach it to the flash. It disperses the light and smooth out the sharpness. This method is an alternative is to download a special app that allows to reduce shutter speed and in this way to use the light more efficiently. And no blurry shots!

3. The imprint of your personality

For the sake

Pictures from the category «See the Kremlin!» will not be a success. Instead, it is necessary to apply the sauce «I see the Kremlin.» What’s the difference? It is not in the picture. The picture is the relationship between the photographer and what he sees in the lens. Another tip: do not have to place the dominant feature of the composition in the center of the frame. Follow the rules of thirds: imagine the frame divided by two vertical and two horizontal lines drawn at equal intervals. If you’re shooting a landscape, the horizon should be on one of the horizontal lines, and if you are photographing items, put them on one of the vertical lines.

4. Thematic niche and laws of composition


You’re a food photographer or your horse is a magical scenery? If you want to gain subscribers, choose your account one General topic and stick to it. Try to think bigger. Your photos will be viewed mostly via smartphones. The iPhones four-inch display, so landscapes and large forms for you. Remember: work on the account is not just to post pictures. We need to focus on other projects that will be associated with him — for example, to develop the site. Need followit other users — and some will say the same to you. It is necessary to comment on other people’s pictures to get comments from others. If you want your photos seen by more people, you need constant activity. Publish something five times a day (but please spare me the selfie), use only come to the picture hashtags and don’t overdo it with them.

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