How to conduct the family budget


At the same time married people combine their financial accounts into one big family budget. Each person brings to the relationship their own individual opinion and ideas about money. One of the keys to a happy and successful marriage — the General family budget.

Before marrying, don’t forget, along with his bride, to do the following 5 things:

  1. Review your credit history and debts togetherBefore marriage view credit report each other. Bad credit history of one person is bad for both. You don’t want to know when applying for a loan that your lovely wife is paying another loan because of his love of shoes, which felt in his student years. By that time it will be too late to change something. Learn the credit rating of each other, to apply for a new loan, you can decide to help to repay this loan or not. Knowledge of credit histories before you get married will help you to decide when you receive a new loan.
  2. To discuss financial goalsShare each other’s financial goals and tell us about your attitude to money. Your future wife a spender or a miser? Or maybe something in-between? She wants to collect and save money for a down payment on a house or rent more housing? It will be much easier if you’re honest with each other and are open with the cash judgments. So you will be able to find a compromise, and it is very important to do before you get married.
  3. Decide, you need to create a shared family budget, or everyone at his money.To create a common family budget or keep separate their personal choice of each person, depending on preferences. Each of the budgets has both advantages and disadvantages. Many couples create a shared family budget, but they have their own personal separate accounts.
  4. Prepare the draft budget togethera Budget is not fun. He’s incredibly boring and tiring. And create a budget with someone else is more complicated, as each your cash priorities and manners of spending. If you want to spend more money for entertainment, it may require to allocate more money for food. But the creation of a common budget — a vital matter. This will help to balance the personal habits of each other. Also, it lets you know not only what is happening in personal Finance, but the Finance partner.
  5. Decide who will lead the FinanceDay with keeping a personal budget is now over and your couple need to decide who will lead the overall family budget. It usually deals with people with a great desire to do it. If you are both not wanting to deal with finances, to divide responsibilities and keep a budget together. But it’s better if you do it will be one person. But even if one of the partners performs the lion’s share of the work, the other spouse need to know about all the important decisions.
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