How to communicate with attractive women

Communication issues felt every second of us is normal when humanity has consumed the social networks that exclude direct contact with their own kind. We are more honest in the chat than in person. And if the woman you want to talk more and attractive, all difficulties are amplified three times. Ever notice that the beautiful girls say harder than, so to speak, with the girls «custom appearance»?

You wind your problems

So you have a beautiful and sexy lady, interested in the conversation. What thoughts appear in your head? No, because your mind was filled with the fear. You’re starting to transform their small flaws in something terrible. For example, you think that looks at you very bad with diction worse, and about the adequacy and say nothing. Fear seriously affects your speech and mental abilities — you start brutally blunt and stammer.

The exit from this vicious circle is simple — calm down, goddamn it. If you show yourself with a bad hand, nothing terrible will happen. In fact, the girl can worry, and your stress will cause her more excited — the conversation is not glued. Therefore, it is necessary to distract from the heavy thoughts about their inferiority and to change the record. Think about what you just want to talk to someone, to exchange useful information, to take a bit of time — nothing complicated, just another thing you do every day. You do not worry, when fried eggs with bacon on a frying pan in the morning? It is unlikely that you think about what will they think about you bacon, if he suddenly falls to the floor. And with communication.

You ignore body language

This is what we often say, but if you repeat again, you are not poorer. Body language is a key skill in communication of any kind. Usually people do not pay attention, how to move their limbs, shoulders, neck and head when they are talking. Even less pay attention to the face, but there is a large number of muscles that can change the meaning of any word. For example, you can take a phrase like «I’ll kill you» and say it ten different ways, which will depend on I would think girl. In the end, she may think that you are a degenerate, maniac or simply a prankster. Context is important, and body language, not just words. Therefore, to control all this shit is very important.

You can start with a smile. Stand before a mirror and smile. Looks smile stretched? How it natural? Don’t you think it sinister? Try to smile friendly and open. It? The same is try with the hands, position of the body and neck. You don’t have to be bent in three deaths, when talking to a girl, otherwise she’ll think your life is hurt. Also important is the posture, but that’s a different story. To fix posture «office person», you need to spend in the gym of the month.

You are obsessed with yourself

Any particular approach to the selection of topics for conversation with girlfriend does not exist. Just don’t be a dick, don’t dwell on yourself and try to find a topic that will be interesting not only to you but to her. It is good to find a topic that will be interesting two. In this case, it will be easier to communicate, and you speak knowledgeably — without any ridiculous attempts to roll to talk about what I have no idea.

There are also classic versions of conversation that go in 90% of cases. They seem a bit trite, but they work better with a man you don’t know. Moreover, the answers to these questions will be interesting to hear the girl:

— Emphasis on appearance. For example, did you notice that the girl has an interesting necklace, or great hair — tell her about it. She will be touched, even if it acknowledges the compliment vulgar and banal.

— Ask the girl about what she was doing in your spare time. At the same time getting to know her.

— Highlight a group of common interests. For example, a girl is watching the military conflict in Syria (which woman?), and are you watching this conflict. Why not discuss it together?

You don’t make a strong step

We are talking about the fact that you are embarrassed, afraid or simply forget to ask a girl out on a date. Let’s be honest: the ultimate goal of communication with a beautiful girl in 88% of cases — an invitation for a date. You obviously are interested to know her better, otherwise why bother to start a conversation? Or do you not agree? Now, if you talked and discussed a lot of different interesting things, then ask her out is a logical conclusion of the conversation. Simply, clearly and firmly. This is not surprising. For example, you can say: «Cool talk, don’t want this weekend to grab a Cup of coffee? I know a place.» More from you is required. If she agrees, then drop a load off the shoulders — you interested her, and so everything is just in your hands. Not proslap chance.

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