How to combine family and work

how to combine family and work

In the days of your grandfather a man could just bring home the money — and no he did not say a word about what he deals with little children. But everything flows, everything changes, and today people have to be not only the breadwinner of the family, but also a full-time father. These two social roles can wear down even the strongest man. We in edition have one bro who copes with this problem for several years: he knows firsthand how to solve such problems. So last night we decided to crush a beer and to talk for life to give you, dude, a few tips on how to combine family and work.

Dine with the whole family. Studies have shown that children in the family which has a tradition of dinner together, learn better and less likely to use drugs. Make family dinner a tradition, gather at the table every night. If, in order to get home in time for dinner, you need to come early to work, then do it. We have this happen: you come into the office, and here is his bearded bro. But as soon as the clock hand gets to six he’s going and — of course, if we do not complete blockage. If you previously released, prepare a meal together with their descendants. During the dinner, ask children about how they’re doing. Try to ask questions to provoke discussion.

Leave work at work. Of course, this is not always possible: sometimes you have to take work home. But during lunch, in the bathroom, when you read the children stories at night and always when you spend time with your children, turn off the cell phone. Admittedly, it’s terribly annoying when that bro is not picking up. But his children would be annoyed, not less, if their dad was on the phone, while helping them to wash his hands.

Once a month, get each of the children for a walk. Every month leave for this one night. If you have two or more children walking with each separately. This is a great way to spend time alone and not to cause jealousy from other children.

Limit work on weekends and holidays. Tell these days his family. Of course, you will have to look for some reason to execute the order of his wife, but encourage the children. In any case, a few people quickly deal with the cases than one.

Spend your vacation together. Not only that, in recent years there has been a disappointing trend with the holidays (many of them just don’t take), so if people go on vacation, spend it somewhere in the country among the flower beds. Spend your vacation with your children. Even if you decide to stay in the country, not continuously need something to dig and dig, better go to the river and have fun: then it will be their warmest memories.

Take small with you to work. It will be helpful for him. The child will see that his dad does all day and why he can’t always be home. We are small like our bro no way.

Go to all his matches and performances. If your child is involved in sports, dancing or anything else, be sure to attend those events at which he performs. It is very important to him. Even though you will from time to time to distract on your tablet.

One night a week, tell your family. Make this evening the emergency and plan all things as if it can’t be undone. It’s only one night a week. Do something together: play a computer or Board games, watch a movie or just go for a walk and eat ice cream.

To put the kids to bed and read to them. Bedtime stories are suitable not only for kids! Even when your child grows up, you keep the tradition. Over time, you can replace the tales of Stephen king. Well, we don’t think you need to read up until son turns 15, but you get what we mean.

Don’t forget his wife. The main theme of this column is to learn to combine family and work. But if you want to be a good father, you need to be a fantastic man. Spend time with my wife, from time to time come out into the light. Sex. Talk to each other: for example, when it sent the kids to bed.

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