How to collect the balls and start to change your working life


Congratulations, friend.

Constantly reading your advice and often find it sensible ideas. Thank you for that. And that he decided to approach a guru harsh life.

Labor strap you pull from high school to this day. From childhood accustomed to earn (not get) good money, you need to plow. That plowed. Now emerged as a high-level expert in their field. A crust with caviar enough, but the buzz from working are not getting.

Thinking to quit planktonic on someone else’s uncle and open up a shop in the area in which you know slightly more than nothing.

Of course, Segou as a port whore the first time.

Tell Bro how to collect the balls and start to change his life labor?

The answer

Boy, Hey!

The fact that you find sensible ideas in our responses, we can only be happy. Thanks to people like you, and keeps all this topic, so thanks you man!

In General, the praised. And now to your question. What accustomed to work, always good. We have seen men who almost 30 years of sitting and not doing anything, though men call them difficult. In General, hard work is always a plus. But a little hard work, and any work may chisel you. Hard to realize that you can end up living to work in the same specialty. Some get used and some adventurous begin a dangerous adventure.

Drop everything and start over, focusing only on their strength and their knowledge, a bold step that not everyone is ready. It’s like a parachute jump: you understand that you can shatter fuck your insides bright spot raspisatsya in the fields, but you can also see that the jump is worth it, and nothing is better with you in life may not happen. When you start to work for themselves, feel this way. You need to check the mounts, check the General availability of a parachute behind the back, and also undergo training with the instructor. always, that his readers were moving up the ladder of life. Evolve or die – here’s a rule of the XXI century. So to discourage you will not, but will talk about other important things, which you, apparently, have not considered.

You write «to open a workshop in the area in which you know slightly more than nothing.» This approach is disastrous and is very familiar to us, because before the eyes of many stories of newcomers from the business who were left with nothing just because it is not prepared properly. If you’re going to invest their money in the shop or the more you take on this business loan, you just have to learn the subject inside and out. You should be confident in their at least theoretical knowledge. Part of this issue we have discussed in this article. There are many «success stories» that I read and think that everything goes by itself, and the main thing – to begin. Yeah, maybe it works, but not in Russia. Here you need to consider every little thing. Try to infiltrate other people’s experience who have built this business specifically in Russia. It is always better to know in advance all the dangers – so you can easily prevent.

When already understand that a good swimmer in his subject, and confidence will be much more. Failure will depend only on accidental circumstances (which should not be deleted). And here you just have to make this leap, after checking their equipment. Vbey himself in the head, otherwise it is impossible to waste time for very long is detrimental. Time goes on, 40 years to prepare for the «open shop» and not do that. So just take the jump, man. To be plankton to the end of his life – the lot of most people, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Organize your business that will bring you income, a lot of a few. And the fear of failure is the worst of all fears because it leaves the opportunity to test their strength. It must be destroyed with all possible ruthlessness.

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