How to clean and clean a fish

Fishing is the great sacred ritual. The symbol of masculine oneness with nature. We don’t care what you caught, on what, with whom, or maybe you even bring a fish from the supermarket or take from your aquarium. If you’re cooking, not your woman, then, as they say, you are welcome to our hut.

So, you have this slippery fool, and you need to cleanse it from sin and scales. If you understand, talking about the fish, not the mermaid. Although it would not hurt to clean. Scales can be acute and painful hits, followed by a rather unpleasant procedure in the form of removal of scales and the probability of entering the unpleasant infection. And it’s not gonorrhea, the disease is not a hussar, so nothing to be proud of. Oh yeah, don’t be distracted. As before you want to please loved ones with fresh fish. And here the problem arises how to clean it, not throwing in the apartment cursed scales. You know, then it will be frustrating times to stumble on a dead fish. And not everyone likes to spend time on cleaning. And it is necessary to clean because the husk is not delicious to eat. So here’s a few ways, but first I advise you to take a good, sharp knife, do not have a machete with a broad blade, rather narrow. But most importantly, he was sharp. Tochi.

1. Boring, classic


This method is mainly for those who like to roll seafood in flour and throw into the pan. Then take a large bowl/tank/pan reservoir is not important, gaining back the water. More, do not be greedy! Take the fish, look at it, understand that it is slippery, so wash. Fish the less slippery it will not be by nature a slippery thing, but from a nasty mucus to get rid of. After cut off the fins, put in a tank of water and begin directly under the water to RUB the hated scales. Long, tedious, but thanks to the magic power of water, the scales will not scatter in all directions and your face. Just remember, it is necessary to clean from the tail to the son… Oh, heads up! Than hold it at a slight angle. Cichocki and other content rich inner world of the fish to remove after cleaning.

By the way, you can use a wide range of fashion knives for cleaning scales, since they are – like the stars in the sky.

2. Cruel


Take the fish, make an incision on the head. Not to bring to the end – flaps are more useful to you. His sharp machete, make an incision on both sides of the dorsal fin. Then bloodthirsty fingers pulling the swimmer to hell. And that seemed two integral parts of the inner world of fish – range, and meat. Now with sensitivity and tenderness gynecologist start naughty fingers in the gap between «mail» and the meat and gently start to peel the scales from the muscles. In the final tear his head off. The flap of skin that connected it with the belly belly, will clean fish.

By the way, if the fish is frozen, then this trick will be even easier. Just cut the top and bottom fins, cut off the head, cut down on the tail to dangle to the flap, pull it – the whole bochina clean, tear off a second – the rest is paperwork.

Once you’re in a barbaric way, like a Spanish Inquisitor, stripped of skin the fish, gutted it.

This method is ideal for cleaning fish with thick scales and dangerous fins like a perch.

3. Exquisite

It was a bribe.field.ua_23.03.2015_Gyf9YoGiz7E3V

To clean fish this way allowed busy people with very thin, plastic, sensitive… knives. And hands.

Near the tail slips the knife’s edge, trying to get it under the scales. Then everything is very simple: gently drive the tip of the knife under the scales, separating it from the tasty flesh. Plus the fact that scales will be removed by the reservoirs and not going anywhere.

4. Professional


Here for this way need a great experience and the ability to own a knife is not worse than the Raphael from «ninja Turtles».

First you have to gut the unfortunate. Then make an incision along the so-called the neck, near the head – and then the hard part: twisting the knife and lead them along the spine to the tail. Thus, you will get a clean fillet. Later, in the same way off the scales: you swipe the knife along its inner side. It is not necessary to scrape off the meat, it will disappear from the chain mail. This method is ideal for those who have decided to make stuffing or treating for salmon.

5. Harsh Hiking


If need to eat the fish caught you right on the fishing and cleaned laziness, I would have clobbered clay. Yes, it is clay, because without it, everything will be in vain.

The old cowboy method. Take the whole, immaculate fish, for humanitarian reasons, it is better to kill her or to let her die, smear it with clay, carefully, from all sides and, as they used to say the Inquisition – «home». Only 15 minutes, and it’s time to remove it from coal. Remove the clay, and – ABOUT a MIRACLE! – together with the clay removed the scales!

Plus this fish is that it remains juicy. Negative pripravki not arch. Once the fire is well will heat the sand to bury him. You can, however, do without the clay. Just enough to take the fish, wrapped in several layers of wet paper on top to make a fire.

The dish will be ready in 40-50 minutes.

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