How to chop wood

grandfather chopping woodWe have already told you how to fit the kindle fire. Even if you didn’t read this post, you probably understand that for a fire you need wood. And it is necessary to chop wood — there is no longer get out. Moreover, it is also a useful exercise! And even in a sense, meditation: chop wood itself, the wood flying in different directions, and you know yourself raise, lower hands and listen to the sound of metal on stone and the occasional cries of birds. Poetry, dude…

What you need

Sledgehammer or axe. Sledgehammer heavier and wider, and this is its advantage — unexpected twist, isn’t it? However, the axe is good to use for smaller logs. Remember: sharpness is not important, you can’t cut wood and not cut (and many think so); the wood will chop.

Tree.Best of all — seasonal. To cut fresh logs, it does not matter. They will dry up and go away.

If you have nails, you better toss it to the side. The risk of breaking the axe isn’t worth it, besides, the nail can suddenly fly straight into your eyes. I’m not a security expert, but why getting yourself into trouble, getting involved in the venture, who knows what will result?


If the tree is matiki (those circular cracks) and while it is green, it is also better to miss. You have the whole day to spend, trying to split that log. The only exception is if you can find a crack, which is close to the center — then all OK. otherwise you’re doomed to a painful attempts to split the damn wood.




MCPFE wood

Put a log on the ground or, if there is on hand on a special deck. If not — just on the ground, the main thing — to stand. If you miss and hit an axe in the ground, it will be blunted, but it is not so fast: I got the axe on the ground many many times and it still cuts.

man Cole wood

And now he takes a comfortable position. The best is when you get blade to the center of Pauline, when pull the hands. If not exactly in the center of something better closer to you, and here’s why. If you take a little closer to him, the axe blade just enters the land. If you make a mistake, and the blade gets further from you, you will get the ax on the log, and you’ll probably have to buy a new axe. And hands will hurt.

Make sure there is no one and nothing that can be damaged, hurt, which can end up flying wood and splinters flying axe and other joys of life. Slightly spread your legs apart, swing the axe above his head and lowered it in front of him. To increase the speed and let the momentum and weight of the axe do all the work for you, freeing you from having to use brute force.

man Cole wood

I always try to get to the same place twice — and I never get it. It doesn’t matter. The wood with uneven edges — not a problem. So, your ax stuck in a log, and you will need to try to pull it out, but it is not a problem.

In the end, the wood will crack! Then just have to cut derevyahi obtained for smaller fireplaces and tidy up the resulting firewood.

If the wood is still very large, keep stabbing them from the center, but much easier to chop off a piece of wood of the required thickness at the edges: so you spend less effort.

What you get in result

If you have namely, this is also your little ones you will need for melting. Small Poleshko faster burn.

If you cut the thick pelenise, you can pre-tie it with rope to split logs from falling apart ahead of time: you will save yourself from having to lift small logs and split them into even smaller pieces, they will stay bound until you’re done. The man in the video did.

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