How to choose your first car?



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Sometimes you post that you write to the editorial Board members with different issues, so I decided to ask the question troubles me : how to choose your first car?

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Dude, thanks for the warm feedback! We will continue to try to please their readers, because they have the coolest and savvy in all matters.

To answer the question clearly-is hard enough. It’s like asking how can I choose a girl for a relationship. We don’t know you like redheads, blondes or brunettes. Do you prefer a lady with shapes or thin. And machines: who is closer to you? German, Japanese or Russian version? If you’re planning a trip to the city and region, or go on a Safari trip?

But as practice shows, for starters, the rookies take the old car. More-Russian production. In emergency cases, it was not excruciatingly painful for the money and mauled a kind of new beauty.

However, there is a large underwater rock how to conclude a long Alliance with the new old cars and not to lose, losing not only money but also faith in the entire human race?

1. Take up the technical passport.

See the year of issue on the passport, and then check it through identification number (VIN). Many cars are also shown year-on fastening elements of seat belts and Windows. Further soraiz the body number under the hood and in the cabin(under the front passenger seat) and engine number.

2. Open the hood.

To get started, all is under them should be clean. Dust and dirt can hide leaks oil. And pay attention to the presence of dirt near the heads of bolts and plastic snaps.

3. Check all the gaps between the elements of the body.

In all cars, even domestic, slit should be the same width throughout their length.

4. Check all wheels

Tires should be worn evenly. Otherwise, the car had problems with suspension.

5. Take a look at the body on the subject of monotony parts

The coloration is the first sign that the car had been in an accident. The color is the same everywhere? Perhaps the car was painted entirely-compare the color of the paint under the rubber seals on the Windows, the trunk lid and doors. Check all rubber and plastic parts — they should not be traces of paint.

6. Open and close all doors

This should happen with the same force and sound.

7. Inspection of the spars

Downed paint or small «folds» on the surface of the metal suggests that they were pulled out after an accident.

8. Turn the engine

If it’s dry and warm weather, you should check the smoke from the exhaust. At idle smoke from the exhaust must be practically visible. When you press on the gas the smoke should appear, but a pale bluish color. Black smoke indicates a fault of the fuel system, blue-in the combustion chambers of oil, thick white smoke-antifreeze or water.

9. Test drive

Listen to the car. If the flushing gas appears whining sound is the gears are worn out. If the grinding synchronizers. If a suspicious sound the same characters it is audible at switching-a worn differential or a reducer. Knock when the load changes suggests that crosses the propeller shaft is worn out.

10. Abruptly put on the brakes on dry pavement

The car should not sidetrack. Come out and check the brake trace:line should be symmetrical.

11. Find straight and smooth stretch of road and let go of the wheel

If the car pulls to the side-broken suspension geometry or body. If not lead, but the steering wheel is located with a slight twist-so the steering column is turned on the rack. Usually this happens if the speed of pushing the obstacle.

Now, you theoretically savvy. But, just in case, when will the «bride», take a friend with you who will help you to see all the details and will give good advice if he knows about this issue. Good buy!

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