How to choose the right sports shoes

Do you seriously think that sports facilities can be found in any more or less athletic shoes and advice in the spirit of «choose the right shoes for your sports» — another marketing ploy to «uncle» got some of your «blood»? Unfortunately, you are dead wrong, dude! Choosing the right shoes for a certain type of physical activity is an important necessity. If you are not wearing appropriate shoes, you will not have the right type of foot support and cushioning, it can lead to serious injuries that you’ll have to heal for a long time. There are many different options available for different spectra of activity, so a little look around before you decide to make a purchase.

First make sure that you actually bought right for this type of activity shoes. For example, if you run more than swinging, your shoes should be more suited to running than weightlifting. On the one hand, you can always speak with the seller, but sellers often do not understand it and want to sell you the model class.

Let your shoes be classy in appearance, but it should be functional. Beauty may be sacrificed to the God of the functionality.

The long run


What to pay attention to. When purchasing these sneakers pay particular attention to cushioning, secure fit forefoot and a high degree of strength. Attenuation depends on the characteristics of the design of the soles, it is possible to ask the seller. In addition, all constantly forget about one stuff: some people have a large part of the burden falls on the arch of the foot inward, and in some cases the arch of the foot outwards. Sometimes you notice that girls in heels though do not rely on the entire heel, and in one part, so the whole worn-out shoes happens with one hand, while on the other the sole is almost intact. Such nonsense happens in humans because of the anatomical features. I suggest you try on several pairs of shoes to understand which you are most comfortable with. Feel an unpleasant sensation? Shoot.

The advantages of buying. The first advantage that you will feel when you find a pair of high quality sneakers is the appearance of ankle support. This is very important if you’re going to run long distances. If the Shoe has good cushioning, you can also count on the absence of strikes on the knee and spine, which appear as consequences of constant impact on the joints and back. Back pain and the joints virtually disappear. I like a man with a sore hip strongly recommend you to choose the right shoes! Finally, the high quality of the shoes gives it a longer life.

Crossfit and complex training

What to pay attention to. First and foremost, a good support for heel and forefoot. Let rubber under the heel is quite hard: you a variety of loads. Because crossfit involves a huge number of different loads, shoes should be universal. The sole should be durable, absorbs well and without any figure markings. Shoes must securely fix the stop and not hanging out on the foot like a flag on a flagpole. Choose reliable high-quality shoes with durable construction and ventilation of the foot in accordance with the loads. The same shoes you can choose for the gym.

The advantages of buying. Flexible, but resilient sole makes it easy to perform a wide range of movements that characterize crossfit. You will have good traction with the floor, which is especially important to work non-stop.



What to pay attention to.When buying shoes for weightlifting the most important thing that should be noted is the ankle support. In addition, the shoes must be light and comfortable.

The advantages of buying. Good shoes for weightlifting will provide your feet full support and not let your knees, ankles and joints groan from the heavy load. When you squat with a hundred on the shoulders, it helps a lot, you know. In addition, your shoes does not bother you does not seem more of a burden.

Shoes for outdoor games

What to pay attention to. Shoes should be flexible, fit snugly to the foot, and the outsole must not have a complicated pattern. The toe should not be square, which usually have shoes for running or crossfit, and an elongated and slightly elevated upward. All this is necessary for the free execution of complex sharp lateral movements.

The advantages of buying. These shoes will give you significant support due to the snug fit to the foot that will help you to retain your position on the feet. This is important for outdoor sports like baseball, where you continually need to make many sharp turns. In addition, these shoes will significantly increase your jumping ability and maneuverability because it does not hinder movement. And it’s good!

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