How to choose the perfect men’s shirt


Shirt, perhaps, is as much a part of the male wardrobe, like shoes. Just imagine a world where wearing some t-shirts or jerseys-alcoholic – terrible reality in which there is no concept of good taste. Well, that’s not so. We wear the shirt everywhere: at an important business meeting, on a date with a friend at an outdoor party with friends at a bar, a cinema and even when we go into the forest. However, we often make mistakes when buying. Wrong size, wrong colors, terrible quality of material is only part of the problem arises from the banal ignorance shirting theory. Today we decided to fill that gap in your head and to help with the selection, sharing the secret knowledge passed from generation to generation. If you read carefully, absorb our guidance, your wardrobe will always be a couple of great shirts for every occasion, and each of them fits you perfectly. All that is needed.


The quality of the shirt, who would not say, depends on brand. By on the market the «best» deal, you will save money at first, but in a more serious term you aimlessly squandered them. Chinese shirt shamelessly torn, wear out quickly, and generally made of materials that have, apparently of extraterrestrial origin, hence the sweat and discoloration after the third washing. In turn, branded shirt, his back half a century or more, can be worn the decades without any apparent damage.


Manufacturers a lot. Some spetsializiruyutsya only on the sports representatives, others prefer to do exclusively official shirt. You need a manufacturer that:

a) thoroughly knows the intricacies of manufacturing technology;

b) has an impeccable history and reputation;

C) the product does not look pompous, ridiculous or boring.Based on the stringent selection criteria we chose brand men’s and women’s clothes GANT (based in USA), who became famous primarily thanks to its shirts. Produce them since 1949, and for all time of existence of the brand GANT several times radically changed the idea of what should be the ideal shirt. They are responsible for the creation of a number of design solutions. An obvious example is a loop on the back through which you can easily hang the shirt, not to crush her. Incidentally, in an Ivy League school (the best schools not only in the United States, but all over the world) decided to cut off this loop, when you have a steady girlfriend.

Shirt GANT closely connected in its history with the student culture of the States. Mainly because they looked fine at the time of the delivery of the session, before the Professor was not ashamed, and in a moment of wild partying fraternity. The manufacturer has distinguished himself by his zeal as an innovator, to rebellious youth and a new generation of successful people was always a plus.

In addition to the loops on the back, and GANT have introduced a special type of collar botton down. It is a collar with three buttons (1 rear and 2 front). The back button does not allow the tie to fidget, and keep the front edge of the shirt directly, so they are not bent. Also, the shirts have a box pleat in the shape of a triangle. It is on the back and was created over 60 years ago. You may be asking, why is it necessary? The fact that it was created not for the sake of beauty, and to give a more loose cut that gives the wearer a shirt for greater freedom of movement. It would seem, a trifle, but it seriously affects wear.

Now GANT regularly release new line of shirts, which combine classic and innovation, and, of course, beauty and convenience. We are confident that investment in the brand is compensated in any way. This is the case when apparel is not one or even two seasons, and many, many years.

Classification of shirts


The difference in this ubiquitous element of the wardrobe, of course, not only color, but also to talk about any strict typology also do not have to. However, there are generally accepted criteria that determine a particular shirt in a separate group.

The first thing that comes to mind is the distinction between shirts on sport and business (classic).

In sports no one plays sports, but wear them everywhere, except in serious official receptions. They differ from classic first over the fabric. This shirt is made from a durable material that can withstand heavy loads, requires a careful attitude. Collars soft. In such shirts to work, and you can go for a drink and not seem out of place in the institution. Wear a sports shirt with jeans, pants and even breeches. Choosing sport shirt, you can gain access to a vast range of colors, huge database of figures and various accessories (epaulets, pockets, buckles). If the work is no rigid dress code, the sport shirt is perfect for her.

Classic shirt made from soft and thin fabrics, one example of which can be Oxford cloth. Collar make hard, to be able to use the shirt together with a tie or bowtie. Now this strictness in color, as has happened before, no. In the wardrobe have to be a white shirt, other colors should be selected according to your style. No pockets on the classics should not be, although it is believed that one pocket still has the right to exist. We this opinion, by the way, fully agree.Separately it is necessary to select a group of Hawaiian shirts. Some people believe their misunderstanding, the other – a great way to stand out. If your aim is shocking and fun, then why not? Hawaiian shirts – the first thing that comes to mind for the office worker when you begin a vacation.

Another way to classify the shirt is cut. This topic is big enough, given the fact that the standards are cut from the manufacturers can be different. But you can start to distinguish two groups, namely: loose shirts and fitted shirts.


Loose shirt – it’s a tradition that been time tested and is suitable for any physique of the body. These shirts are not taper to the waist straight, can hide the extra fat or, conversely, to highlight the chest. So sickly children and children from the tribe of pachyderms, we recommend shirts casual in the first place. But always remember that loose shirt should not hang a bag. This truism, it seems that few people know.

There are fitted shirts. They should wear those who regularly goes in for sports, has a decent musculature and read the section about fitness. These shirts demanding to its owner, as well as open up the contours of the body, and the extra lard never painted.

Shirt GANT, in turn, have four signature cut, which can be you to taste:

– RUGGER HUGGER is a fitted and slightly cropped;

– FITTED – snugly fits in the modern style;

– REGULAR – freer than fit «Fitted», in the classic style;

– E-Z – easy, unobtrusive.

The truth is in the details

Everyone wants to have in her closet versatile, stylish and durable shirt. Line GANT Diamond G, launched in 2015, provides all these qualities. The colors range from classic white and blue to pink and yellow. The material the manufacturer chose the good old Oxford cloth and pinpoint. A great choice if you appreciate quality.You have set aside money for a decent shirt, chose the right cut, agreed with our opinion about the brand and already going to the store. And then begins the most important thing. It is not enough just to put a shirt on and look at yourself in the mirror, you need to have an idea about the details, which, we believe, play a huge role in the operation of any clothes.

Sleeve length


Short sleeves look ridiculous, and even a couple inches can create such an impression, but the long sleeves will always look bad. Need to find a balance that will fit your individual size. The simplest rule, as for the sleeves, is a rule of thumb. That is, the end of the sleeves should reach the beginning of the joint of the same finger. Open the wrist is a bad decision when it comes to shirts with long sleeves. You can, of course, measure your hand to pick up a shirt in accordance with the numbers, not personal feelings. For this you need to raise your hand to shoulder level, bent at the elbow so the hand was in a horizontal position. Ask your friend to measure the distance from the base of the neck to the elbow, then from elbow to the base of the thumb. Figure the output will be the required size.


Pay special attention to the collar: it should not squeeze the neck when buttoned the top button. If you feel lack of air, even the method of «thumb (finger should fit between the neck and the inner side of the collar) will not save. Why great and not the index? The fact that after washing the shirt size as a rule, a little change, this should be considered when buying.

Types of collars a huge amount, but highlight four that are like ourselves:

– collar – perfect under close ties;

– buttoned collar – free style, but nevertheless looks neat;

– aristocratic collar – similar to the classic collar GANT, but with a higher neck;

the shark – perfect for a tuxedo, you’ll be like James bond.Cuff

Recommend cuffs which leave place for a bracelet or watch. If you take a shirt with narrow cuffs, then you won’t be able to wear these things. Of course, the best option would be cuffs with adjustment.

Shoulder seams

No discomfort in the movement should not be, even if you’re slim, tight-fitting shirt. Seams are efficiently selected shirt must be in its place, namely, where the end and the shoulders start the hands.

Style tips

Roll up the sleeves and sometimes necessary. For a more informal setting screams at you: «keep it simple». And you have to tuck the sleeves in to two wide cuffs.

Not in every case you must tuck in your shirt, especially when it comes to shirts sport type. On the other hand, now not 90-e, and you don’t live in the Bronx, so the length of the shirt should not exceed the middle of the pants pocket, otherwise it is better to fill it.

For residents of some cities from us and chain stores GANT is not just a gift, but a real polarise. We are talking about the code that you want to say out loud at the checkout to get 25% discount! Repeat after me: GANTSHIRTS! Discount is applicable only on shirts and is valid till 13 Jun inclusive, only in the stores of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.Be moderate in colors, when it comes to everyday life, work, and regular rest. Too bright spots on the shirt – a sign that you fall into dotage. The shirt should be always appropriate.

If you bought a shirt and want to wear her tie, then choose the tie so that its image does not overlap the pattern of the shirt. The same size cells – a bad decision.

Shirt can’t live apart from the bottom, and indeed from all your clothes. For this reason, to acquire it should be with an eye on the entire wardrobe. If it looks phenomenal, but does not fit some jeans and pants that you have, what’s the point of buying?

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