How to choose the first snowboard


Guys, thanks for your articles! Read each time with great pleasure. They are not only interesting and fun, but also useful. How much of good music in my player thanks to you!

But I wanted to ask. I read your article about the capture and extreme sports, and that’s thinking about getting into snowboarding. Winter is, as they say, close. Tell me all-knowing which Board to choose? And preferably cheap, because the sport is not cheap.

The answer

Hello, dear friend. We never cease to rejoice for ourselves and our readers, which helps our magazine. Also from the whole edition helmet you words of admiration for what you’ve decided to take this extreme form of entertainment. Ahead of you is bright, full of injuries, bruises, abrasions, fractures, costs, fun and adrenaline snowboard life. But it’s still ahead, and while I went to choose a Board for you.

So, snowboarding for snowboarders is like a wand for the wizard and the house for $18 billion for Russian officials – these things are inseparable. The Board is a continuation of your body. And I feel that this sequel was elegant and comfortable, not like wooden fins. The first Board is more than just a Board. The first snowboard leaves fewer impressions than the first wife. Here, as in the case of the wife, cannot chase after beauty, it is not a woman ruddy, it is a tool, which directly affects your physical and perhaps moral condition. And choosing it, you will encounter a number of nuances:


Boards vary its rigidity. Beginners are best suited the minimum stiffness of the snowboard. It is easier to learn and manage is not that difficult. In the future higher skill level, the harder Board. And yet here is the only way.


Snowboarding is a style at which he aimed. Sometimes they can be several. It would be wise to distinguish between these styles. Of course, to understand what you closer as you try, is simply impossible. But know that boards are:

All mountain (Amountin). Universal style. The Board focused on this style, is best suited for beginners.

Carving (Carving). Boards for driving from the prepared slopes downhill from the mountain or high-speed slalom.

Freeride (Freeride). Skiing on unprepared slopes, deep and naukasana snow. Boards for freeriding have a large length and width, the fore part, they are often wider tail that provides better support rider’s on the surface.

Freestyle (Freestyle). Skating in parks, jumping, performing tricks, etc. of the boards for the freestyle are the same form the nose and tail that allows you to ride and land in the same rack.

Bending boards

Bending the Board is not bending guitar yellow. It depends on riding style, so there are forms of curves:

Camber (camber) is a traditional form of snowboarding, suitable for all styles of riding, which has a bend at the center.

Rocker (in the jargon – banana) (rocker) – the most popular form of boards for fans of freestyle, and drive in the snow.

Flat Board (flat) – this shape is perfect for freestyle. And oddly enough, but it is flat.

Hybrids – there are many different hybrids that are bent in different parts of the Board. This is a specific Board for specific purposes. That’s when you start to turn somersaults, learn to do tricks, work out your riding style, then choose a hybrid of the taste and feet.


The most important thing is to choose a snowboard for height and weight. If, standing on the Board, you remind me of penguin Chilly Willy, chained to an iceberg, the Board explicitly chosen not correctly. There is a small algorithm to calculate the length of snowboard:

From its growth, subtract 15 cm;

The owners of a massive body to add 5 cm, and fragile subtract 5 cm;

Beginners deduct 8-10 cm, and snowboarders-intermediate level to take 4-5 cm;

For Freestyle to take away 3-5 cm, and Freeride add 5 cm

So get you a recommended length of snowboard.

And remember: the smaller the width of the snowboard is, the easier it is to manage. More than the width, the better the Board behaves on the track unprepared and flat run. Pick a width so that the toe is not protruded over the edge of the Board more than 2 cm If your size shoes not an example of Vietnamese and more than 44-th, your destiny Board marked «Wide».

As we have said, the Board should not be too heavy. When buying boards use a little trick: raise one hand over the nose (of the Board, you fool, not your nose) – if unable to lift, so the Board fits.

The sliding surface

Great importance when selecting a snowboard is material sliding surface, which directly affects how fast you accelerate and what the maximum speed will be able to develop on a snowboard. There are several types skolzyak.

First – graphite (composed almost entirely of graphite). This is the fastest and slippery surface, but has a significant disadvantage: it is too soft, so very quickly becomes unusable. Usually used on the best snowboards, as this is a very expensive material. We do not need it, why pay more when you’re not even sure that you’ll love to saddle snow.

The second type is polyethylene with added graphite. This is the most common form of a sliding surface as has good sliding properties and durability.

The third type (the cheapest) – a plastic. These types skolzyak live very long, but, of course, the speed performance is lower than in the first two.

In your case, you have to choose between the two. It all depends on the money.

Also speed is highly dependent on Board processing of all kinds of waxes and paraffins. Therefore, it would do well to give the Board in service, where it is carefully, carefully handling a universal paraffin wax for all temperatures.


And now we come to the point. To pay a few thousand for a big Board can only the guru and the gods of snowboarding. We, ordinary boys, just that to look at cheaper options. Good boards cost from $200 to $400.

Among this price range highly recommend boards Black Fire. They are not only very popular with novice riders, and are renowned for their reliability and quality.

So, we know that it is not so easy how it might seem. But when you conquer the snow dunes, you will understand that it is worth it!

Do not forget about the shoes with fasteners. Nicely first you need to buy them, and only then think about the blackboard with fashionable coloring and the jacket acid colors. Glasses with the helmet is also moving to the stage, but you cannot ignore them, no helmet (even in mining) ride is not necessary.

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