How to choose the best cloud service


Cloud services have long been included in everyday life of large and small companies and enterprises. One of the reasons was the development of web technologies and the increasing bandwidth of Internet networks, which in turn allowed for the development of of the service delivery model called SaaS — if earlier the company bought ready-made software or create their own, now a much better option is to use third-party services.

A key feature is the cloud and subscription services (in most cases). This allows you to save time, flexibly manage finances and improve the overall performance of companies. The advantages of the cloud as a concept is apparent, if a little to understand it. First: considering that the service works on the web, don’t need a powerful machine to work with them using a simple browser. Second: cloud applications are stored on servers that are updated in a timely manner by service developers. Thirdly, services can be flexibly set and pay only the required at the right time.

Today there are many online services and some you may know: Wunderlist, Google Docs, Dropbox. They are free and aimed at a wide audience. If you think not so much, you are wrong — thousands of them. Thousands of services to decide millions of people’s problems, small businesses, and even entire corporations. Find suitable for you or your business is damn hard, and we will tell you what to pay attention to choose the optimal.

1 Define the task

Problems are different, but each has its own solution. The question is how to find him. The problem manifests itself even at a very early stage, when it only comes to how to find the right tool that solves a common or specific problem. Some are even difficult to formulate the right question, not to mention the search. These problems and became the appearance of the service Startpack. In a nutshell, it is an aggregator of cloud services, presented in Runet. And nearly fifteen hundred — through Google you would ever found. But the guys from Startpack has created a platform that brings together those seeking and those who want to be found.First and foremost you need to understand what type of problem you need to solve. If the workflow is something annoying you or your employees, then you are already close to the problem. For example, data about customers and agreements entered in the ubiquitous Excel. Is it comfortable? The program will remind you about important client? She has a friendly interface? Accountant aunt Zina every five minutes calling the admin to hit Enter? So, need an easy and convenient system of customer support with the functions of the task Manager, reminders, and notifications.

This is a good example of when something goes wrong. And if you think that you will do well, it is not so. Just because our knowledge and experience have limits. Sometimes we just don’t know that a particular process can be organized better, to solve a problem faster or to increase performance in a certain area.

2-Choose the appropriate service


I think the General principle you understand. After defining the scope, it’s time to move on to the Startpack. It has a handy directory with the division of services for the purpose. It is helpful just to run through it with your eyes, to highlight the categories that are present in your work and business processes of the company. Also has smart search, which will bring the matches and tips. For example, making a request «Microsoft Word», you’ll see other cloud-based tools for working with documents. In addition, the system will prompt, to what category belongs the found service description, prices, possible integration, and select the similar services.

Pros, marketing specialists, accountants, writers, managers and many other people engaged in various activities that need to be productive and operational management processes of their work. If you need the organizer, the cloud management system site, or even a composition, work with the articles, send push messages to subscribers or online consultants categories, you’ll find most all activities and products that will contribute to your work and bring the business to a new level.

3 Read reviews the Competition between companies is huge, and it was good. The developers introduced the so-called killer features, marketers are doing discounts, and new opportunities appear almost every month. In the first place is the result of feedback, the products developed for clients, and only they can give a real evaluation of a particular service.

Therefore, in Startpack system reviews that you read not only the companies themselves, but other users. If you doubt what to choose to certain tasks, or you want to know where more functions, interface more friendly and other information about the job, then the reviews under the correct product will certainly help you to objectively look at a particular service and to make an informed choice.

Startpack constantly updates the list of the best services based on reviews and the number of active users. Here you can see the most popular storage systems content, CRM, task managers, virtual PBX, services for bookkeeping and so forth. But cost minimization is one of the primary purposes of business, so don’t get round free services — sometimes they are no worse and even better than many paid.4 Turn to integrators

Actually Startpack not only helps in finding services, but popularitywith culture work with cloud integrators. The fact that many of the producers claim about the intuitive and the perfect job with minimal setup, but in practice it is nothing more than advertising, and people in the face of workers and business owners who have a paid subscription, have difficulties. Here come to the aid integrators — companies that help to implement a cloud-based products, set up business processes and integrate services with existing systems.

5 Try and compare different services


So, as you may have noticed Startpack has a convenient interface and wide possibilities of use. Among other things, registration will allow you to search for relevant services and to obtain recommendations for a new based on your previous queries. The fact that all services are developing, and every day there are dozens of new. The functions of some are excessive and sometimes insufficient. To find the one that perfectly suits you, sometimes you have to try a dozen different solutions. And that this process was not so tiring, in Startpack implemented the possibility to compare products and companies is one of the most used features of the service. You just note on the comparison page you need the functions, terms and features, and the system recommends a more suitable, analyzing your needs.

6 Read ready solutions

If you run a business and want to hear the views of «colleagues» about a particular software and other cloud tools they have used, what benefits they received and how it was expensive and convenient — you can help the heading «Cases». Here people with great experience, talk about how to manage investments, to promote the sites and generally conduct business. I think will not be superfluous to familiarize with the experience of people saw and earned on it money and to follow their example.

Startpack is not static and is constantly evolving. The developers plan to implement the huge number of features and increase usability. For example, to show users similar to them, make the option of adding services to bookmarks, to pay attention not only to the categories of services, but also businesses. One of the primary purposes Startpack is to become an integrated platform. That is comfortable and functional place where you can control the set of services, subscriptions and get quick access to them.

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