How to choose the anesthesia when I’ve got a serious operation



Hello bro! Many times I read how you give good answers the same dudes like me and, apparently, it’s my time! Somewhere on the 21st I will have surgery (inguinal hernia), and I have to make a choice of anesthesia (spinal or General). A large amount of information has me stumped, and I hope for your help in this matter. Thank you.

The answer

We wish happiness and good luck with the surgery right away, because the diagnosis «inguinal hernia» sounds very, very bad. But we read in the Internet, asked our regular doctor, who always accompanies us on trips, and realized that the sound of these words, though unpleasant, but in fact this is a common pathology. Operation hernia is trusted by even novice surgeons (unlikely it’ll calm you down), so no need to worry too much. The only thing you should think about is where you are looking for information and whom you ask. Seriously! We are that choice of anesthesia should fully trust the doctor — no one else. Not my grandmother, not dudes from the Internet, no matter how cool they was not your best friend.

From themselves say the following (before that, talked to the doctor, by the way, because of the no medical training) — General anesthesia should be done in more of hell when it is really needed. From General anesthesia the people are pushed very hard, there may be complications like thrombosis. That is, General anesthesia for severe and heavy operations. Removal of inguinal hernia is not, because doctors often offer spinal anaesthesia. This form of anesthesia only disables a number of nerves, which are responsible for pain in a certain area (area of operations). Also with spinal anesthesia, you can communicate with the doctor during the operation, which under General anesthesia to do will be difficult (impossible, actually).What can we expect from spinal anesthesia? If the anesthesiologist was a normal guy, who paid for his diploma, and really understand what to do, you will experience a tingling sensation and heaviness in the legs. If he got three, then you can «shoot up», and your lower body wildly strasti. But, believe me, unbearable pain will not. Then it can hurt back, but it should go away within a few days. In any case, to depart from spinal anesthesia is much easier than from General anesthesia, when you just cut down your consciousness and you forget that you’re human. The body will get you for this, no doubt.

When lying in the clinic, I saw one guy — he was 17. And here it is, not realizing where after the surgery, called my mom, raved. It looked scary, like a horror movie about some sinister psychiatric hospital. Apparently to regain control of consciousness after General anesthesia is not so simple, and ubiquitous nausea and weakness accompany virtually every postoperative condition. But General anesthesia is necessary when it comes to complex operations. And that is why you should consult with your doctor who will perform you surgery. He knows better because he will have to dig in your bodies.By the way, if you think anesthesia is established for the benefit of patients, then you’re wrong. She and the doctors need. Imagine a time when this anesthesia was not — was screaming, kicking, trying to escape. So the percentage of successful operations was small. So, I repeat to you for the third time — ask about anesthesia not online and their doctor. And good luck surgery.

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